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Foxmail is freeware utility for handling e-mails, providing a plenty of additional functions while working with letters and attachments. It supports SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and RSS protocols. Although Foxmail provides a lot of useful features, it is very compact program. Foxmail provides possibility to send letters without using SMTP server (whereas user’s computer is used instead of SMTP).

Full HTML support is provided: you can read and create HTML letters, including graphical signature as well. For reading HTML mail you can use either own program viewer or Internet Explorer browser. If connected to Internet Explorer, browser provides correct showing of letter received in any browser available coding.

Features of Foxmail:

- Account password support.
- Allows reading and writing e-mails in windows-1251.
- Supports creating almost unlimited number of mailboxes.
- Program supports macros.
- Setting of getting e-mails from several e-mail addresses on the one account.
- Letters sorting basing on filters.
- Creating and editing templates of new letters.
- Work with letters manager (handling letters on server).
- Messages encrypting support.
- Easy Address book integrated in the interface.
- RSS aggregator with search option is supported.


By default the Foxmail interface is in Chinese. To use Foxmail in English just go into the installation directory and delete the Chinese.lgb file.

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Author: Boda Network Technical Corp.
Operating System: Windows 98, 2K, XP, 2K3, Vista.

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foxxewilder (2013-02-26 07:38:11)

well before this most recent release, all you had to do was remove Chinese.lgb from the folder. Personally though, I'm stepping back to the previous version I had running v7 (build 091). Hopefully someone discovers the secret of removing the chinese language format from the newer builds

pfred (2012-10-11 16:27:49)

I downloaded both versions shown on your page. Both of them are in a language unknown to me. Is there really an English version?

dianelouw (2012-09-28 16:41:22)

 I downloaded foxmail but its all in chinese.  how do i get the english version of this please....

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