Realtek AC97 Audio Driver

Realtek AC97 Audio Driver


Realtek AC97 Audio Drivers supports all ALC series audio chipsets from ALC101 up to ALC861. It is used as onboard sound on many motherboards. Chips covered include ALC101 /201/ 202/ 203/ 250/ 650/ 653/ 655/ 658/ 861. Realtek AC97 Drivers includes: Driver/Application Setup Program; RtlRack for Win98/Me/2000/XP and AvRack for Win95/NT4; Realtek Sound Effect Manager. DirectX 8 is required to enable advanced features.

AC'97 (short for Audio Codec '97) is Intel Corporation's Audio Codec standard developed by the Intel Architecture Labs in 1997, and used mainly in motherboards, modems, and sound cards. AC'97 defines a high-quality, 16- or 20-bit audio architecture with surround sound support for the PC. AC'97 supports a 96 kHz sampling rate at 20-bit stereo resolution and a 48 kHz sampling rate at 20-bit stereo resolution for multichannel recording and playback.

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Operating System: Windows NT, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7


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