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360‭ ‬Total Security is a powerful antivirus program equipped with additional features to optimize and clean up your computer.‭ ‬360‭ ‬Total Security Antivirus is based on five engines,‭ ‬four of which are for proactive protection and security‭ (‬Avira,‭ ‬Bitdefender,‭ ‬QVM II and‭ ‬360‭ ‬Cloud‭)‬,‭ ‬while the fifth engine‭ (‬System Repair‭) ‬is for system recovery.‭ ‬This program also allows you to check for updates and install them.

360‭ ‬Total Security has a simple and easy-to-understand interface which,‭ ‬together with support for all modern antivirus technologies and convenient maintenance tools,‭ ‬allowing it to be recommended for users of all levels of experience.

Main features of‭ ‬360‭ ‬Total Security:

-‭ ‬Powerful malware protection.
-‭ ‬Three types of scanning available on demand.
-‭ ‬Works offline‭ (‬built-in Avira and Bitdefender engines‭)‬.
-‭ ‬Autorun settings for applications,‭ ‬components,‭ ‬and plug-ins.
-‭ ‬Cleanup of unnecessary programs,‭ ‬tool panels,‭ ‬and work traces.
-‭ ‬System security patches.
-‭ ‬System recovery following virus attacks and crashes.
-‭ ‬Update analysis for installed programs.
-‭ ‬Sandbox for launching suspicious programs and files.
-‭ ‬Protection of removable media devices.
-‭ ‬Analysis of suspicious file behavior.
-‭ ‬Web camera protection.

Please note:

By default,‭ ‬you must have a permanent Internet connection to work with‭ ‬360‭ ‬Total Security.‭ ‬To activate offline protection,‭ ‬enable the Bitdefender and/or Avira engines.

Changes in recent version

Author: Qihu 360 Software
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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