Action! 4.10.5:

  • Fixed YouTube login after latest Google API changes.
  • Fixed problems with some Nvidia mobile GPUs (920M etc.).
  • Stability improvements.

Action! 4.10.4:

  • Added crash dump report uploading to cloud (upon user acceptance).
  • Stability improvements.

Action! 4.10.2:

  • Fixed web overlay sounds playback.
  • Fixed compatibility with specific applications and games.
  • Added automatic logs that help in solving problems.

Action! 4.10.1:

  • Fixed problems with OpenGL support (X-Plane 11 crash etc.).
  • Fixed Doom Ethernal not starting after latest update with Action Vulkan layer installed.
  • Fixed Facebook login from countries like Thailand.
  • Fixed AMD AMF HEVC and HDR10 support in Vegas editor.
  • Fixed some Vulkan BattleEye protected games not starting with Action Vulkan layer installed.
  • Stability improvements.

Action! 4.10.0:

  • NEW easy to use selected application window recording/streaming and recording/streaming of multiple desktops in a single video (link to video tutorial is available below).
  • Added support for 8K MP4 video capture for newest Intel and Nvidia GPUs.
  • Fixed system/driver crash after hardware PlayReady 3.0 DRM is enbaled with Action! running.
  • Fixed 240fps recording in HDR mode.
  • Fixed Vulkan HDR capturing in active screen mode.
  • Stability improvements.

Action! 4.9.0:

  • Important fix for hardware capturing devices support.

Action! 4.8.1:

  • Important fix for hardware capturing devices support.

Action! 4.8.0:

  • Added 240fps video capture (Use with caution! May not work on all system configurations and in HDR. Not recommended above 1080p).
  • Important fix for constant frame rate (CFR) recording/streaming when CPU/GPU loads are high.
  • Further stability fixes/improvements for DirectX 10/11/12 capturing when Alt+Tab (entering/leaving fullscreen mode) is being used.
  • Fixed wrong HDR detection after using Alt+Tab (entering/leaving fullscreen mode) in some situations.
  • Added new 1440p and 2160p predefined video size profiles.
  • Fixed application hanging after URL source enabling/disabling (using tick button or hotkey).
  • Fixed some URL sources not displaying properly.

Action! 4.7.0:

  • NEW FEATURE: JPEG XL screenshot capturing in true HDR10 is now possible.
  • Microphone volume boost to 200% level is now possible.
  • HUD is now rendered in true HDR for HDR desktop and HDR games using 64 bits per pixel color.
  • Fixed Alt+Tab crashing in some DirectX 10/11 games and applications.
  • Improved ST.2084/BT.2020 HDR10 video signaling.
  • Fixed randomly corrupted (green) recordings using hardware accelerated HEVC encoding on Nvidia GPUs.
  • Fixed maximum allowed AMD AMF (VCE 1.0 to 4.1) video encoder resolution.

Action! 4.6.0:

  • Fixed active screen switching (on accounts without administrator rights).
  • Fixed desktop capture on multi-GPU systems (on accounts without administrator rights).
  • Fixed cursor position when recording regions on multiple desktops (other than primary).
  • Fixed desktop capture when non-native resolution with non-native aspect ratio is selected.
  • Fixed Vulkan HUD not refreshing when recording/streaming is started
  • Fixed support for very long streamkeys (used by Booyah live streaming service)..
  • Fixed not detecting specific applications as active.
  • Reduced minimum streaming bitrate value for 60fps.
  • New 30% smaller installer.
  • OpenGL capture fixes.
  • GUI improvements.

Action! 4.5.0:

  • Fixed 4K/HDR video player not starting with hardware acceleration enabled by default.
  • New improved desktop video capture engine for accounts without administrator rights (guest account).
  • HDR desktop capture on accounts without administrator rights is now possible.
  • Fixed problems when running Action! on multiple accounts at the same time (administrator and guest).
  • Fixed support for older Intel GPUs running with old drivers or drivers that cannot be updated.

Action! 4.4.0:

  • HOTFIX: Fixed Doom Eternal recording in Vulkan HDR10 mode.
  • HOTFIX: Improved OpenGL support on notebooks with two GPUs (integrated and high performance).
  • HOTFIX: Improved Minecraft (JAVA edition) support (still the HUD is wrongly displayed in some views since version 1.13).
  • Fixed compatibility with Intel GPUs when old drivers are installed or GPU does not support NV12 format.
  • Reduced number of requests to YouTube API Services.
  • Live viewers count is disabled by default.

Action! 4.3.1:

  • Fixed problems with GPUs not fully supporting DirectX 11.1 features.
  • Fixed region recording using Intel GPUs.

Action! 4.3.0:

  • Improved Vulkan performance.
  • Fixed desktop recording when Windows 10 virtual scaling is enabled (desktop resolution is not monitor's native resolution).
  • Fixed pause when no audio is recorded or no audio devices are present in the system (video only).
  • Added YouTube permissions revocation after logging out in account manager.
  • Added Discord to built-in exclude list.

Action! 4.2.0:

  • NEW: Real-time preview in HDR10.
  • NEW: HDR10 recording/capture now available on newest AMD Vega GPUs.
  • Automatic switching to SDR encoder when first video frame is not in HDR.
  • Fixed problems with detecting HDR video (integration with NVIDIA NVAPI and ADM AGS API for HDR output detection).
  • Fixed corrupted video colors by incorrectly detecting RGB10 SDR video as HDR.
  • Fixed ST2048/BT2020 gamma detecting in DirectX 12 by implementing missing Windows 10 functionality.
  • Improved HDR10 video quality.
  • Fixed problems with performance on AMD RX 5700 and other new AMD GPUs (SDR encoders for all GPU vendors now work in NV12 format).
  • Fixed problems with Alt-Tab in DirectX 12.
  • Added system sound volume boost to 200% (fixes too quiet audio recording).

Action! 4.1.2:

  • Fixed HDR10 glitch during video start after uploading to YouTube.
  • Improved HDR video source detection.

Action! 4.1.1:

  • Important fix for DirectX 9 and 10.

Action! 4.1.0:

  • HDR10 recording improvements (fixed invalid colors in 600+ nits etc.).
  • Added high quality webcam and overlays rendering on HDR video.
  • New high quality HDR10 to SDR real-time video conversion.
  • Added support for high quality HDR video screenshots.
  • Fixed crashing in DirectX 12 in SLI/Crossfire setups.
  • Up to 120fps 4K video capture in SDR mode with SLI/Crossfire.
  • Fixed HDR10 recording in DirectX 12 in SLI mode (not recommended, performance might be lower then in non-SLI mode).
  • Fixed problems when monitor is switching to fullscreen exclusive mode in HDR mode.
  • Increased default video quality from Normal to High (Ultra is recommended for best quality).
  • Improved Vulkan recording performance.
  • Added support for recording Vulkan in HDR10 mode.
  • Stability fixes.

Action! 4.0.4:

  • Fixed YouTube login using account manager (for some accounts).
  • Fixed Twitch login on Windows 7 and Windows 8 using account manager.
  • Fixed D3D10 and D3D10.1 support in DXGI 1.1 mode using new capturing engine.
  • Fixed region recording on Windows 7 in MP4 mode.
  • Fixed region recording on Windows 8/8.1/10 in AVI mode.
  • Fixed Nvidia SLI support (capturing in SLI mode is not recommended and may not work for Direct3D 12, HDR10 recording does not work in SLI mode).
  • Fixed SRGB video capturing in AVI and cross-GPU modes.
  • Fixed support for systems with AMD GPU and Intel GPU working together.
  • Fixed support for 1366x768 displays.
  • Fixed black recordings in some situations with scaling enabled.
  • Fixed crashing when no audio devices are available in the system.
  • Fixed recording/streaming in odd resolutions.
  • Fixed Mirillis Vulkan layer reducing framerate when Action is not running (more Vulkan performance fixes and Vulkan HDR recording coming in 4.0.5 update).

Action! 4.0.3:

  • New capturing/recording engine for DirectX 9Ex/10/11/12/OpenGL (up to 2x performance optimisation).
  • HDR10 (10bit) recording/encoding has been added. Windows 10 and a HDR monitor connected with DisplayPort 1.4 is recommended (but HDMI 2.0 will also work). Please enable HDR/Wide Color Gamut in Windows 10 display settings for selected monitor.
  • When using USB-C for laptops connected via HDMI adapter problems may occur (USB-C to DisplayPort 1.4 cable is recommended).
  • To use HDR10 mode please check Hardware Acceleration list in Action 4 video tab (main view) and select Intel or Nvidia HDR10.
  • Added HEVC support for Intel and AMD GPUs.
  • Increased maximum recording bitrate to 200Mbps (useful for 4K@60fps HDR10 recording).

Action! 3.10.2:

  • Fixed OpenGL upside down recording on AMD GPUs.
  • OpenGL recording improvements.

Action! 3.10.1:

  • Fixed support for AMD RX 5700 and newer GPUs.

Action! 3.10.0:

  • Added integration with Mixer.
  • Fixed Vulkan recoding/streaming (No Man's Sky etc.).
  • Fixed live user count number on HUD for Twitch.
  • Fixed support for DLive streaming platform.
  • Stability fixes.

Action! 3.9.5:

  • Added full support for Rage 2 (Vulkan with HUD and streaming overlays).
  • Fixed support for Elgato HD 60S (32-bit mode is no longer supported by Elgato drivers).

Action! 3.9.4:

  • Fixed long Action! closing when suspended UWP processes/games are running in the background.
  • GUI improvements.

Action! 3.9.3:

  • Added RTMPS secure streaming support.
  • Added RTMPS support for Facebook LIVE (required after May 1st 2019 FB API update).
  • Fixed problems with UWP/Windows Store Apps recording/streaming after minimizing/restoring them.

Action! 3.9.1:

  • Improved compatibility with Intel DCH drivers (because of problems generated with these drivers we strongly recommend rolling back to non-DCH drivers).
  • Fixed Focusrite Scarlette device recording.
  • Improved microphone/system sound volume notification on HUD (more visible at low volumes).
  • Improved hardware accelerated Motion JPEG decoding.
  • Added Korean language support.

Action! 3.9.0:

  • Increased maximum Time-Shift duration.
  • Added Time-Shift enable/disable hotkey (default: Ctrl + T).
  • Added Time-Shift in RAM mode (HDD/SSD won't be hogged anymore!).
  • Fixes problems with Logitech C920 webcam support after latest driver updates.

Action! 3.8.0:

  • Added full support for recording/streaming Microsoft Store/UWP apps (please make sure to remove any excluded UWP apps from Action!'s exclude list).
  • Fixed problems with recording 64-bit DirectX 9 applications.

Action! 3.7.2:

  • Fixed compatibility with Activision products (COD WW2, Black Ops and other new titles).
  • Stability improvements.

Action! 3.7.1:

  • Added possibility to force custom MP4 video bitrate (select from 1 to 100Mbps in video settings).
  • Added recording start delay counter (available in general settings).
  • Added hotkeys for showing/hiding Browser Source overlays (in hotkeys settings).

Action! 3.7.0:

  • Automatic repair of corrupted MP4 and M4A recordings! (Now you will never lose any recording even when power gets cut off or your system crashes during recording).
  • Advanced microphone noise suppression has been added (configuration in microphone settings).
  • System performance monitor displayed on HUD with lots of useful information like CPU/GPU usage CPU/GPU RAM usage, CPU temperature and network adapter usage (plugin installation needed - read more on Mirillis Facebook).
  • Fixed drawing panel translations for some languages.

Action! 3.6.1:

  • Recording microphone in audio recording mode has been fixed (mono sound was recorded instead of stereo).
  • Time-shift is now reset after closing application/game to which it was connected (this allows easy switching between applications).

Action! 3.6.0:

  • Action! UI has been reorganized to allow easy setup of up to 3 audio sources in the main application view.
  • Switching between recorded applications in game recording mode has been fixed.
  • Fixed Windows 10 display scaling support (in full screen and region mode).
  • Added microphone and system sound volume notifications on HUD.
  • Added microphone pan/balance setup (in microphone settings).
  • Added Turkish and Hungarian translations.
  • Translation improvements.

Action! 3.5.5:

  • Fixed auxilary audio recording (to separate file) when recording is started with time-shift running in the background.
  • Action! language translations are now stored in XML files for easy creation of new localizations (lang and lang_ex folders).
  • GUI improvements.
  • Stability fixes.

Action! 3.5.4:

  • IMPORTANT fix for systems with Nvidia SLI setup with no H.265/HEVC encoding support (NVENC was not used for encoding).
  • Fixed closing/crashing of some Windows Store Apps when Action! was running (UWP applications must be recorded in Active Screen mode from now on).
  • Automatic detection of UWP applications and excluding them from monitoring.
  • Fixed adding of exluded processed from restricted locations (like Windows Store Apps).

Action! 3.5.3:

  • Fixed streaming with very low bitrate (under 0.8Mbps).
  • Fixed recording in software mode with bitrate above 60Mbps.
  • Fixed microphone/webcam hotkey when Ctrl/Shift or Alt is pressed.

Action! 3.5.2:

  • Live streaming stability and video quality improvements for Intel/Nvidia/AMD GPUs.

Action! 3.5.1:

  • Fixed Bugs.

Action! 3.5.0:

  • Big improvements in live streaming quality (strict-CBR, AMD AMF improvements and more...).
  • Selection between Variable and Constant framerate (with automatic fallback to VFR when performance is not good enough for CFR).
  • 120 and 144fps (HFR) MP4 recording (for slow motion purposes).
  •  Support for 120 and 144fps playback in ActionPlayer.
  • Excluded processes list is now supported within Action! (Settings->General->Advanced settings group).
  • Fixes for the latest Windows 10 update.

Action! 3.4.0:

  • Large improvements in video recording performance (with vsync disabled).
  • Fixed problems with recording on systems that have virtual surround software installed (like Nahimic).
  • Improved high bitrate AVI recording on systems with hybrid hard disks (SSD + HDD). We still recommend normal HDD or SSD for high bitrate video recording.
  • Browser overlays now accept keyboard input (for example you can logon to YouTube to allow YouTube chat overlay).
  • Fixed Action! not working properly from certain disk locations .
  • Audio/Video desynchronization when streaming during high CPU usage has been fixed
  • Fixed frame stuttering when recording video from Elgato/Hauppauge and other devices that capture MPEG-2 transport stream.
  • Fixed AVI freezing during high CPU usage.
  • Fixed webcam stuttering during high CPU usage.

Action! 3.3.0:

  • Added advanced Time-Shift settings (maximum swap-file size and location - this allows to offload SSD disk from continuous storage of time-shifted video data).
  • Time-Shift saving is now done in background (not blocking).
  • Added recording webcam to a separate AVI video file (for video editing purposes). Available via Webcam Settings (Capture Mode).
  • Added Nvidia GPU selection that will be used to perform hardware acceleration (available via Hardware Acceleration Settings in main screen).
  • Fixed webcam/microphone showing/recording on button down (in the On/Off mode).
  • Added automatic stretching of 1440x1080 video content to 1920x1080 (to remove black vertical bars).
  • Fixed Vulkan error message on some systems.
  • Fixed free disk space calculation.

Action! 3.2.0:

  • Added Vulkan support.
  • Added HDR recording in SDR format (64bit to 32bit color conversion).
  • Added benchmarking file format selection (HTML or CSV formats are available).
  • Important stability fixes (on Action! startup, memory leaks etc.).
  • Fixed Time-Shift crashing in 4K.
  • Fixed low-disk space information on HUD in 4K.
  • Fixed memory leak on x64 systems with recent Windows 10 updates installed.

Action! 3.1.6:

  • Added browser source preview in overlay source settings.
  • Added ability to navigate browser source (click, scroll etc.).
  • Fixed saving last desktop screenshot monitor selection.
  • Fixed recording pausing with multiple audio tracks stored to separate files.
  • Enabled graphics overlay changing during recording/streaming .
  • When recorded application/game crashes recording/streaming is not stopped and can be seamlessly continued after relaunching game/application (in MP4 mode).
  • GUI improvements.

Action! 3.1.5:

  • Added 4K/UHD (150%/150DPI) mode for user interface (Settings->General->User interface size).
  • Added Action! fullscreen GUI mode.
  • Added 4K/UHD mode for drawing panel.
  • Improved GUI readability on small displays.
  • Fixed browser source on HUD refresh rate with drawing panel visible.
  • Fixed language selection.

Action! 3.1.4:

  • 4K/UHD (150% size) HUD for resolutions above 2560x1440.
  • Moved browser/URL sources setup to live streaming tab.
  • Moved selected (private) application recording setup from video settings to main video tab.
  • GUI improvements (duration editing with editbox etc.).

Action! 3.1.3:

  • Performance improvements in device recording mode with recording preview enabled
  • Stability fixes

Action! 3.1.2:

  • Updated RTMP servers for Twitch and Smashcast services (please make sure that you have the correct streaming server set after the update).
  • Fixed Action! long startup time.
  • Fixed push to talk mouse hotkey assignment.
  • Added Webcam size/position controls in Webcam Settings window (like in Action! version 2.x).
  • Improved webcam cropping.
  • Disabled changing video composition during recording (to not allow accidental overlay layout change).
  • Fixed problem with dissapearing preview when recorded game/application does not refresh
  • AVI recording preformance improvements.
  • Fixed problem of not locking Action! to selected 3D application (if more then one is running).
  • Fixed conflict of Action! HUD with Uplay and Steam overlays.
  • Added disabling of fast OpenGL recording path on Intel GPUs (where problems occur which pixelated video) to enable this workaround please place an empty slowintel.txt file in Action! installation folder.

Action! 3.1.1:

  • Critical fix for Windows 7 (HW accelerated webcam decoding initialization could crash Action! on startup on old Intel drivers).
  • Fixed support for Angle engine.
  • Added recording timer (like in version 2.x).
  • Added streaming icons in status bar.
  • Fixed audio only recording duration.

Action! 3.1.0:

  • IMPORTANT: this update is required for compatibility with new Windows Spring Creators update.
  • NEW FEATURE: hardware accelerated (on selected Intel CPUs) 4K/UHD Webcam recording (for example Logitech Brio 4K webcam up to 4K/30p or even 60p - no lags or frame dropping), setup under settings->video tab.
  • Fixed problem with assigning multiple keys as hotkeys (CTRL or SHIFT + other keys)
  • Audio recording tab again available.
  • Fixed OPENGL recording performance on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs (4K/60p recording).
  • Hardware accelerated scaling of OPENGL games and applications in AVI and MP4 mode (on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs).
  • Fixed problem with attaching to games with launchers (in game recording mode). It is now possible to easly switch between multiple games/launchers running at the same time).
  • Fixed switching between multiple games in preview mode.
  • Private application recording mode again available (setup under settings->video tab).
  • Fixed SSE2 support for old AMD CPUs.
  • Added notification about video capture/streaming and audio recording by highlighting tabs.
  • GUI improvements.
  • Stability fixes.