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Adguard Web Filter

Adguard is a commonly used application for blocking ads on various websites. It is compatible with all currently popular browsers: Opera, Firefox, Chrome. Using Adguard, you will get rid of ad spam, pop-up windows, video and audio ads, etc. This program’s positive “side effect” is its ability to speed up page load and save traffic.

Adguard stops advertising networks from tracking your activity; it is perfectly compatible with other built-in browser filters; it does not need any configuration; it is frequently updated and starts working as soon as it has been installed.

Key features of Adguard:

- Protection against fraud, viruses and online tracking.
- Providing extra comfortable online experience thanks to removing the annoying ads.
- Checking the web pages that could be potentially visited by children with the subsequent blocking of unsafe, inappropriate content and adult websites.
- It saves your time, money and traffic since it speeds up page load thanks to blocking the ads prior to loading the websites.

Changes in recent version

Author: Adguard
Price: $19.95
Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 10

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