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Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is a cross-platform run-time system for building Rich Internet applications (RIA) using Adobe Flash, Apache Flex (Adobe Flex), HTML, and Ajax, that can be run as desktop applications. With AIR, Adobe intends to provide a versatile runtime-environment that allows existing Flash, ActionScript, or HTML and JavaScript code to be used to construct Internet-based applications that have many of the characteristics of more traditional desktop-like programs.

An application deployed in a browser does not require installation, while one deployed with AIR requires the application be packaged, digitally signed, and installed on the user's local file system. This provides access to local storage and file systems, while browser-deployed applications are more limited in where and how data can be accessed and stored.

Features of Adobe AIR:

- Support for accelerated graphics rendering, high-resolution bitmaps, native extension libraries, captive runtime delivery, front-facing camera apps, and more.
- Support for H.264/AVC encoding, audio compression for telephony, protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming, robust content protection, and more.
- Exert greater control over user privacy and app security with support for network content sandboxing, encrypted local databases, encrypted local stores, IPv6 networks, trustworthy installs, and more.

Changes in recent version

Author: Adobe Systems Inc
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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