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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a classical authoritative image editor for PC from Adobe Systems. Today this program serves as an indispensable assistant of professional designers and artists. But any amateur will be able to create a high-class photorealistic image if he learns certain knowledge in this field.

With this program user can create and edit images, edit video, implement his own design concept and much more. The program is actively used in web design.

Some of the features: you can work with each layer separately, merge layers into groups, sort, add masks and other elements.

User can achieve the desired result with the help of a wide range of filters, styles, ability to apply noise in real time, blur, layers transparency.

There are many automatic figures, lines and arrows in Photoshop. Different kinds of powerful instruments allow to implement automatic and manual selection of the required fragments, remove red-eye effect, retouching, color correction, scaling, graphics transformation, rotation.

Apart from that, it is possible to edit the RGB channels of image, edit files in the Raw Camera format, work with scanned images.

The main advantages of Adobe Photoshop

Some of the advantages are the following: dedicated editor that supports 3D graphics; movable interface elements; multiple languages including Russian and Ukrainian; you can create and add your own textures, patterns and brushes; you can create GIF animations; editing vector and raster images; support of the Microsoft 32 and 64 bit platforms.
It is possible to edit the RGB channels of images and edit files in the Raw Camera format. Good thing is that new software add-ons appear quite often in Adobe Stock. You can install several program versions at a time and the update process is simple.

The main disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop

The program is not free of charge. You can set up the 30-days trial version. Then you will have to buy the license. System requirements are high and the program files take a lot of space on hard drive.

In order to work with confidence in this program, you need skills and experience of using similar editors.

Installation process

  • download the offered file and start installing it;
  • find and open Photoshop_Set-Up.exe;
  • log in into the Adobe account. You can do this using Facebook, Google or register in the opened window;
  • finish the authentication process in the browser;
  • read the terms and conditions of use and confirm you accept the license provisions;
  • installation is completed successfully. Close the tab of the browser and open the program on your PC.

Changes in recent version

Author: Adobe Systems
Price: $9.99
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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