AdwCleaner 8.0.1:

  • Re-Implement Firefox module. It now properly support detecting and removing extensions, startpage, sear chengines, preferences.
  • Hide debug output.
  • Update telemetry internals.
  • Update definitions to 2019.12.17.1.
  • Fix a DLL Hijacking vulnerability in AdwCleaner 7.0+.

AdwCleaner 7.4.1:

  • Display a dedicated count for Preinstalled Software and PUPs during the scan progress.
  • Display Preinstalled Software details in the scan results and logfile.
  • Add a new setting to automatically reboot the computer.
  • Force enable the debug logfile generation temporarily.
  • Update translations.
  • Improve quarantine reliability.
  • Freeze during cleaning no longer occurs.
  • Improve MB3 in-app installer.

AdwCleaner 7.4:

  • Scan and manage Preinstalled software. For more informations, see,-your-choice:-adwcleaner-now-detects-preinstalled-software/.
  • New detection glossary available during scan results.
  • Create a system restore point whenever a preinstalled software is detected.
  • Add an informative message explaining what is a preinstalled software.
  • Support HTTP/2 for all HTTP requests.
  • Use Windows 10 styled titlebar.
  • Increase the UI dimensions.
  • Update translations.
  • Update telemetry endpoint.
  • Update to Qt 5.9.8.
  • Update to libsodium 1.0.18.
  • Definitions 2019.07.22.1.
  • Fix survey not closing from the X button.
  • Various UI optimizations.

AdwCleaner 7.3:

  • Redesign Generic detections from scratch to allow more flexibility and FP-control.
  • Enhance Winlogon changes detection.
  • Definitions 2019.04.03.1.
  • Sort logfile output by family name and paths.
  • Update HSTS policy for network connections.
  • Improved debug logging.
  • Make the uninstall process more robust.
  • Empty exclusions are no longer valid.
  • Update generic detections.
  • Update OpenSSL.


  • Update HSTS policy for network connections.
  • Improve Firefox detections.
  • Fix French translation.
  • Update generic detections.
  • Update libsodium.


  • Update SQLite.
  • Fix updater behavior.
  • Fix UI typos.
  • Fix translations.
  • Update generic definitions.


  • Submit False Positives directly from the result scan contextual menu.
  • Update Qt to 5.9.7.
  • Definitions 2018.11.14.2.
  • Do not display the update prompt on top of the EULA.
  • Make quarantine more reliable.
  • Update generic detections.
  • Fixed Bugs.


  • Automatic updater: it's no longer needed to manually download a new version of AdwCleaner.
  • Logs and Quarantine tables are now sorted by date, and not by text.
  • Fix a crash when the basic repairs are run without prior detections.
  • New generic detections.
  • Fix detection of vaccines.
  • Fix the upgrade process for build increments.

AdwCleaner 7.2.3:

  • The left sidebar is not disabled anymore during critical processes.
  • Improved Windows 7+ integration: the progress is now displayed in the taskbar with a specific color dep ending on the number of elements detected.
  • Improved remediation capabilities.
  • Prepare major database optimization in upcoming versions (size reduction, detection improvement, ...).
  • Update Malwarebytes moto: "Imagine a world without malware. We do.".
  • Display the database status in the logfile header: "Cloud" / "Local".
  • Update Generic detections.


  • Ability to add an element or a family to exclusions directly from the scan results contextual menu.
  • Ability to open the Malwarebytes Threat center directly from the scan results contextual menu.
  • The UI is now available in en_UK in addition to en_US.
  • Support for Traditional Chinese in addition to Chinese Simplified.
  • Improve URLs detection.
  • Update HSTS policy expiration.
  • Improve the removal of all AdwCleaner files when uninstalling.
  • Update Generic detections.
  • Fix DriverPack detection.
  • Improve Startup detection module.
  • Fix Crash when closing processes.
  • Various UI improvements.


  • Ability to save the current window size and restore it on the next launch.
  • AdwCleaner will now use a settings file in the same folder than AdwCleaner.exe so that it can be shared accross network shares or USB keys.
  • Add a debug log output when activated from the settings.
  • Please tell us how would you recommend AdwCleaner to others with the new window asking for your opinion.
  • AdwCleaner is now aware when MBES client is present.
  • Keep checked state of quarantine elements between switched tabs.
  • Improve DownloadProtect detections.
  • Support translations for on/off in Settings.
  • Generic detections fixes and updates.


  • Ability to download & install Malwarebytes 3 with one click.
  • List existing logfiles at the end of reports.
  • Add Help icons in Settings that link to explanations.
  • Slightly update UI to follow Malwarebytes 3.5 look.
  • Improve Firefox scan & clean modules.
  • Improve Chrome scan & clean modules.
  • Update translations.
  • Update internal components.
  • Ability to open logfiles with double-click.
  • Various UI improvements.
  • Crash while scanning Firefox preferences.
  • Fix false positives.
  • Improve MyWebSearch and other Generics detections.


  • Exclusions now support processes.
  • New setting to fully disable the telemetry.
  • Support keyboard navigation with tabs.
  • Add a "See logfile" button on scan results screen.
  • Scan shortcuts, files and folders in more locations.
  • Improve tasks detection.
  • Definitions 2018.04.24.1.
  • Various UI issues.
  • Update translations.
  • Fix false positives.
  • Improve generics for drivers.


  • Brand new user interface, with high-DPI support, accessibility improvement.
  • Add a dedicated Help section with various resources to get assistance and contribute.
  • Support for synchronized addons in Chrome, and include massive improvements in browsers scan and clean efficiency.
  • Display a scan summary at reboot.
  • Exclusions Support for elements and families to be excluded from the detections.
  • Major improvements in scan and remediation speed.
  • Reduce binary size.
  • Improve the reliability of the update process
  • Improve translations coverage.
  • Settings format is more effective and less error prone.
  • Improved report design for better usability
  • Redesign
  • Update definitions to 2018.04.11.1
  • Component updates.
  • Quarantine process and restoration work again.
  • Fix numerous generic detection issues and design flaws.
  • Fix various crashs and miscellaneous issues.


  • Update MyWebSearch generics.
  • Update Multiplug generics.
  • Update WebCompanion generics.
  • Update WinYahoo generics.
  • Update DealPly generics.
  • Update folders generics.
  • Update Italian translation.
  • Backport v7.1 internal naming.
  • Database 2018.02.08.1.


  • Update MyWebSearch generics.
  • Database 2018.01.16.1.


  • New path to scan files and folders.
  • New Generic detections.
  • Update to libsodium 1.0.16 -
  • Database 2017.12.21.1.


  • Database 2017.11.29.1.


- Change updater logic.


- Change updater logic.


- Update translations.
- Update generic detections.
- Improve Chrome preferences cleaning.


- Fix update module when running offline.


- Ability to choose between Google, DuckduckGo and Qwant for Browsers settings restoration.
- Ability to choose the behaviour with proxies.
- Ability to choose logfile display behaviour.
- Possibility to decline the update prompt.
- Croatian translation.
- Add compatibility manifest entry.
- DE, IT, UK, KR, FR, RO Translations.
- Database 2017/07/31.
- Improve browsers detections.
- Improve Options UI display for 125% text size.
- Improve services scan.
- Display the scan logfile at the end of the scan by default.
- Redesign the Options panel.
- Improve processes killing.
- Change changelog layout.
- Fix slash layout in results and clean/scan logfiles.
- Fix crash during scan and clean..
- Fix FPs.


- [ADD] New graphical interface (responsive and easier to use).
- [ADD] New database format, with concept of family.
- [ADD] Additional actions per family.
- [ADD] Most of JRT technology now included.
- [ADD] New database management system.
- [ADD] Use of a CDN to provide database downloads.
- [ADD] No longer dependant on 3rd parties dll.
- [ADD] In-App updater.
- [ADD] "Submit samples" menu entry.
- [UPD] Database 2017-07-17.1.
- [UPD] Updated Generic detections.
- [UPD] All cleaning modules are more powerful against various system and permissions issues.
- [UPD] Remediation for browsers faster and no longer corrupt preferences.
- [UPD] Scan faster by 15 to 25%.
- [UPD] Translations coverage improved.
- [UPD] Handling of process killing.
- [UPD] Quarantine format, now more robust.
- [BUG] No longer dependant on sqlite3.dll.
- [BUG] Fixed GUI not displaying any graphics in a few cases.

AdwCleaner 6.047:

- [UPD] - Database 2017-05-19.1.
- [ADD] - Add informative message for Chrome synchronization.

AdwCleaner 6.046:

- Error handling when loading sqlite3.dll.
- Database 2017-04-24.1.

AdwCleaner 6.045:

- Database 2017-03-28.1.
- Minor GUI update.

AdwCleaner 6.044:

- Support for NetSVCs (x32/x64).
- Downloads scan (file/folder).
- Increase debug verbosity while handling files/folders attributes.
- Update all translations.
- Scan more registry elements.
- Speed up and improve uninstallation.
- Update bottom-app text and webpage.
- Database 2017-01-27.2.
- Fix minor GUI glitches.

AdwCleaner 6.043:

- Support for NetSVCs (x32/x64).
- Downloads scan (file/folder).
- Increase debug verbosity while handling files/folders attributes.
- Update all translations.
- Scan more registry elements.
- Speed up and improve uninstallation.
- Update bottom-app text and webpage.
- Database 2017-01-27.2.
- Fix minor GUI glitches.

AdwCleaner 6.042:

- Azerbaijani translation.
- Detection of Firefox Fake Profiles more aggressive.
- Improve German translation.
- Improve Italian translation.
- Always use C:\AdwCleaner.
- Database 2017-01-06.1.

AdwCleaner 6.041:

- Microsoft Edge handling.
- GUI fixes.
- Use AdwCleaner folder as much as possible.
- Improve Italian translation.
- Improve Dutch translation.
- Modules time in telemetry.
- Database 2016-12-15.1.
- Reduce Conduit module scanning time.

AdwCleaner 6.040:

- [ADD] Performance improvements during scan initialization.
- [UPD] Remove unnecessary checks.
- [UPD] Improve MyWebSearch detection.
- [UPD] Major improvements in translation coverage.
- [UPD] Improve translations handling.
- [UPD] Improve SMI key restoration.
- [UPD] Internal metrics system more robust.
- [UPD] Major database update (2016-12-02).
- [BUG] Crash with registry keys deletion.
- [BUG] Tasks not always logged.
- [BUG] Usernames FP.
- [BUG] Fix report layout issues.

AdwCleaner 6.030:

- English translation.
- Spanish translation.
- GUI changes - small fixes & redesign.
- Fix false positives.
- Database 2016-10-18.1.

AdwCleaner 6.021:

- Arabic translation.
- Ukrainian translation.
- Vietnamese translation.
- DebugLog now a bit more verbose.
- Youndoo/Trotux detection.
- Database 2016-10-06.1.
- Fix Copy/Paste not working in some cases with the LogManager opened.

AdwCleaner 6.020:

- Avoid running more than one AdwCleaner instance at the same time.
- Ukrainian translation.
- Display tabs with detected elements only.
- Polish translation.
- Turkish translation.
- Bulgarian translation.
- Improve paths format (Logs & UI).
- Improve Firefox preferences scan.
- Improve Registry scan.
- Database 2016-09-14.2.
- Fix & improve DNS scan.
- Fix & improve shortcuts scan.
- Fix Firefox scan crash.
- Fix AppInit_DLLs detection & logging.

AdwCleaner 6.010:

- Turkish translation.
- Japanese translation.
- Bulgarian translation.
- Czech translation.
- Georgian translation.
- German translation.
- Italian translation.
- Chinese translation.
- Generic detections fixed and improved.
- Services cleaning.
- Various GUI improvements (including resizing).
- Trotux detection.
- Improve scheduled tasks detection & deletion.
- Logfiles layout.
- Database 2016-08-24.2.

AdwCleaner 6.000:

- Transition system for the upcoming v6.
- Translations fixes.
- Generic detections updated.
- Local database v30-06-2016.2.

AdwCleaner 5.201:

- Transition system for the upcoming v6.
- Translations fixes.
- Generic detections updated.
- Local database v30-06-2016.2.

AdwCleaner 5.200:

- Add Georgian translation.
- New Reset Hosts file option.
- Add new folder paths.
- Translation updates and fixes.
- Use HTTPS links in the logfile.
- GUI improvement.
- Add generic detections.
- Improve the debug log.
- Code refactoring.
- Local database v14-06-2016.1.
- Fix various security issues.
- Fallback on the current directory if the root folder is not accessible.

AdwCleaner 5.119:

- Fixed bug with startup elements module.
- Local database v30-05-2016.3.
- Generic detections updated.

AdwCleaner 5.118:

- Fixed bug with special folders / files module.
- Added new module to remove Eventlog keys.
- Added Hungarian translation.
- Added Slovak translation.
- Czech translation updated.
- Generic shell entries detections updated.
- Generic softwares detections updated.
- Generic.Tuto4PC updated.
- Generic.Multiplug updated.
- Generic.Crossrider updated.

AdwCleaner 5.117:

- Added traditional Chinese translation.
- Local database v15-05-2016.2.
- Generic startup elements detection updated.
- Generic tasks detection updated.
- Generic softwares detection updated.

AdwCleaner 5.116:

- Local database v09-05-2016.1.
- Indonesian translation updated.
- FP in generic detections fixed.
- Tasks generic detections updated.

AdwCleaner 5.114:

- Added Generic.Graftor.
- Added new module to detect/remove bad WMI entries.
- Tasks geneeric detections updated.
- Generic.Crossrider updated.

AdwCleaner 5.113:

- Fixed bug with generic detection.
- Added product ids generic detection.
- Added Indonesian translation.
- Local database v24-04-2016.3.
- Generic.Crossrider updated.
- Updated Russian translation.
- Updated Italian translation.
- Updated Bulgarian translation.

AdwCleaner 5.112:

- Fixed bug with Winsock reset.
- Fixed bug with Userinit/Shell value cleaning.
- Added Vietnamese translation.
- Added new module to detect special folders / files.
- Local database v17-04-2016.1.

AdwCleaner 5.111:

- Fixed bug where some files were considered as folders.
- Added option "Reset Chrome preferences".
- Checked options state are now saved in settings.ini.
- New module for Shell cleaning.
- Removed "Chrome" tab (Chrome preferences cleaning now in "Options").
- Code optimization (Scan time reduced).
- Russian translation updated.
- Chrome preferences cleaning improved.
- Tasks generic detections updated.

AdwCleaner 5.110:

- Fixed bug with Uninstall.
- Fixed bug with Winsock reset.
- Fixed bug with legacy hardware users (SSE2).
- Local database v10-06-2016.2.
- Updated WoW64 FS redirection handling.
- Deutsch translation updated.
- Generic ElevationPolicy keys detection improved.
- Generic.Crossrider updated.
- Generic.Conduit updated.
- Generic.MyWebSearch updated.
- Softwares key path updated.
- Added "LowRegistry" keys to software module.

AdwCleaner 5.109:

- Added code signing.
- Local database v04-04-2016.2.
- Added handled paths.
- Tasks generic detection updated.
- Generic.PullUpdate updated.

AdwCleaner 5.108:

- Remove duplicate path.
- Translations updated.
- Tasks generic detection updated.
- Eventlog keys deletion improved.
- Fixed bug with DLL loading.