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AkelPad is an easy to use, very useful text editor that coems with an unique unicode representation. Notepad is a wonderful editor, being used to edit files in plain text format, thus it is irreplaceable for designing of Web documentsm, programming, and so on. However, the one comprised in Windows, is very inconvenient due to several limitations. This program claims to be able to fill up these drawbacks.

AkelPad handles full Unicode files written in UTF-8, UTF-16 (LE or BE), UTF-32 (LE or BE) and can auto-detect Unicode files with or without a BOM. BOMs (byte order marks) can also be omitted, if desired, from file writing.

Features of AkelPad:

- Single window (SDI), multi-window (MDI) and pseudo multi-window modes (PMDI).
- Editing of files, which size is more than 64K (generally speaking, size isn't theoretically limited).
- Full support of Unicode strings on Unicode systems (NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven).
- Support of Unicode codepages (UTF-8, UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE, UTF-32LE, UTF-32BE).
- Support of any codepage installed in the system.
- Support of DOS/Windows, Unix and Mac newline formats.
- Preview file open.
- Correct pseudographics displaying.
- Column text selection.
- Multi-level undo.
- Fast search/replace text strings.
- Remember file codepage and caret position.
- Printing of a document and print preview.
- Support of language modules.
- Plugins support (syntax highlighting, folding, auto-completion, scripts execution, keyboard macros and much more).


This program takes a lot of advantages from Unicode representation. It is strongly recommended that you set up TrueType font (as Courier New) to gain more advantages from this feature.

Changes in recent version (change history)

Author: Aleksander Shengalts
Price: Free
Windows: 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7

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