Android SDK


Android SDK 28.0.1:

  • Add support for reconnection of TCP connections. Upon disconnection, adb will attempt to reconnect for up to 60 seconds before abandoning a connection.
  • Fix Unicode console output on Windows. (Thanks to external contributor Spencer Low!).
  • Fix a file descriptor double-close that can occur, resulting in connections being closed when an adb connect happens simultaneously.
  • Fix adb forward --list when used with more than one device connected.
  • Increase command timeout to 30 seconds, to better support some slow bootloader commands.

Android SDK 28.0.0:

  • Add support for checksum-less operation with devices running Android P, which improves throughput by up to 40%.
  • Sort output of adb devices by connection type and device serial.
  • Increase the socket listen backlog to allow for more simulataneous adb commands.
  • Improve error output for adb connect.
  • Improve output format, add a verbose output mode (-v).
  • Clean up help output.
  • Add product.img and odm.img to the list of partitions flashed by fastboot flashall.
  • Avoid bricking new devices when using a too-old version of fastboot by allowing factory image packages to require support for specific partitions.

Android SDK 25.2.3:

- Android SDK Platform-tools revision 24 or later.
- Added new sdkmanager command line tool to view, install, update, and uninstall individual - Android SDK packages.
- Fixed -gpu guest (issue 227447).
- Added support for WebP image decoding.
- Added support for ETC2 texture decompression.

Android SDK 24.4.1:

- Fixed Bugs.

Android SDK 24.4.0:

- Updated the emulator so it can display an upgrade notification when a new version is available.
- Added the ability for the emulator to send basic crash reports.

Android SDK 24.3.4:

- Added support for Android 6.0 (API level 23) platform.
- Improved emulator performance on multi-core Windows desktops.
- Added support for GPU emulation on Windows and Linux platforms using the -gpu mesa command line option.
- Enabled support for running emulators with GPU emulation through remote desktop services, including Chrome Remote Desktop, Windows Terminal Services, and NoMachine.
- Added support for emulators with 280 dpi and 360 dpi screen resolutions.
- Improved support for GLES 2.0 extensions.
- Fixed several issues with GPU emulation support.
- Added support for setting the storage size on emulators using Android 4.4 (API level 19) and higher.
- Fixed problem with sending long SMS messages between emulators.
- Fixed issue with emulator getting incorrect time from location objects.
- Added handling for unusual characters in paths and file names when starting emulators.

Android SDK 24.3.3:

- Fixed Bugs.

Android SDK Release 24.0.2:

- Android SDK Platform-tools revision 19 or later.
- Fixed Java detection issue on 32-bit Windows systems.

Android SDK Release 24.0.0:

- Added support for Andriod Studio 1.0 and emulator enhancements.

Android SDK Release 23.0:

- Fixed Bugs.

Android SDK Release 22.6.2:

- Fixed Bugs.

Android SDK Release 22.3:

- Added support for Android 4.4 (API level 19).
- Fixed a number of minor bugs in the SDK and build system.

Android SDK Release 22.0.4:

- Fixed Bugs.

Android SDK Release 22.0.1:

- Android SDK Platform-tools revision 16 or later.
- If you are developing in Eclipse with ADT, note that the SDK Tools r22.0.1 is designed for use with ADT 22.0.1 and later. If you haven't already, update your ADT Plugin to 22.0.1.
- If you are developing outside Eclipse, you must have Apache Ant 1.8 or later.
- Fixed bugs.