Anki 2.1.19:

  • Fix formatting and images getting lost when creating cloze deletions.
  • Added an option to the preferences screen to strip formatting by default.
  • Fix the preview button shortcut key not working.

Anki 2.1.18:

  • Fixed Anki failing to start for some users updating from Anki 2.0.
  • Fixed the alternate Windows build failing to start on Windows 8.

Anki 2.1.15:

  • The V2 scheduler now fully randomizes review cards due on a given day.
  • Fix add-ons errors on Windows when profile path was short.
  • Fix flag changes in Browse screen not syncing.
  • Cleanup recording wav file when recording canceled.
  • Fix the window icon on Wayland (thanks to Wilco).
  • Add a progress bar to media deletion.
  • Other minor changes.

Anki 2.1.14:

  • Fix a bug in the V2 scheduler that would cause partially learnt cards removed from filtered decks to revert to an earlier state.
  • Fix a bug in the handling of relearning cards when switching back to the V1 scheduler.
  • Fix lost space when pasting indented text.
  • Limit image height relative to window height, not document height.
  • Fix deck list being re-rendered unnecessarily.

Anki 2.1.13:

  • Fix formatting getting lost when copying&pasting between fields on macOS.
  • Fix some issues that cause the main window to get stuck.
  • Fix an empty deck list sometimes appearing when restoring from a backup.
  • Fix Anki hanging after an error occurs during startup.
  • Fix error caused by profile with trailing space on Windows.
  • Fix error message when syncing with an unconfirmed email address.
  • Use jsonschema for add-on manifests (thanks to Erez).
  • Warn in DB check when high due numbers are encountered.
  • Improve error messages on full disk and failed add-on deletion.
  • Fix relearning cards being given learning step count in V2 scheduler.
  • Fix preview window failing to appear when show both sides enabled.
  • Removing trailing BR tag when pasting into an empty field.
  • Don’t throw an error when non-Latin text in the Javascript console can’t be shown.
  • Double click on add-ons to edit their configuration (thanks to lovac42).
  • Fix the window icon in a few screens (thanks to John).
  • Don’t highlight the deck selection button in the add screen on Windows.
  • Improve the default type in the answer note type.

Anki 2.1.12:

  • Fix an issue that could prevent profile renaming/deletion on Windows.
  • Fix fields appearing under editor buttons.
  • Fix memory leak in card layout screen.
  • Fix some issues with previewing in the Browse screen.
  • Fix card counts not updating when a review is undone.
  • Fix an error that could occur on startup on some Windows installs.
  • The Mac build now uses the new hardened runtime on Mojave.
  • Change focus outline colour on Windows.
  • Fix an error caused by missing note types.
  • A possible workaround for the audio player getting stuck on Macs.
  • Display the installed version in the Windows uninstall screen.
  • Fix an issue checking for add-on updates (thanks to Glutanimate).
  • Disable add-on config button when not appropriate (thanks to Glutanimate).
  • Tweaks to the deck age graph binning (thanks to Jian).
  • Add-ons hosted on AnkiWeb can now define conflicts in the manifest file.
  • Switch to mplayer on the alternate OS X build, as mpv was not working on some older machines.
  • Make sure mpv doesn’t attempt to load scripts from default location.
  • Other minor fixes.

Anki 2.1.11:

  • Change Undo shortcut back to Ctrl+Alt+Z/Cmd+Opt+Z in Browse screen, to prevent accidentally undoing non-text changes when editing fields.
  • Revert a previous card template optimization that could cause an error.
  • Suppress a spurious error message that could occur when editing.

Anki 2.1.10:

  • Add option to strip html in export.
  • Avoid nbsp for single spaces when pasting text.
  • Fix preview screen flashing when moving between cards.
  • Improvements to the add-ons screen.
  • Support .ankiaddon bundles.
  • Improve subpixel antialiasing on some machines.
  • Improve Japanese interface font on Windows 10, and make it possible for translators to change the font for other languages that need it as well.
  • Fix inability to start if problem occurs on first run.
  • Allow decreasing daily limits in custom study.
  • Add a button to copy debug info to about screen.
  • Fix problem running from source on Windows.
  • Allow add-ons to serve files from mediasrv.
  • More user-friendly error messages for some network errors.

Anki 2.1.9:

  • Update standard build to latest toolkit version.
  • Hardware acceleration defaults to off again on Windows/Linux, due to the issues it was causing some users. If you were not experiencing any issues, turning hardware acceleration back on in the preferences screen is recommended.
  • Various statistics fixes for the V2 scheduler, including an automatic remapping of button 2/3 in the review history when moving back and forth between scheduler versions so the "answer buttons" graph displays correctly.
  • Fix BR tags being included in empty fields.
  • Optimize field repositioning.
  • Fix a crash when copying/cutting with an empty selection.
  • Avoid screen flash when undoing reviews.
  • Make sure info/warning dialogs appear on top.
  • Fixed an issue with just-typed text not being saved when using the mouse to save/add a card.
  • Added support for {{CardFlag}}, which is either empty, or in the format "flagN" where N is 1-4.
  • Fix bulk flag changes in Browse screen not syncing.
  • Fix advanced menu in editor not showing shortcut keys.
  • When UI fails to load after resuming computer from sync, show a tooltip and automatically refresh.
  • Clean up old mplayer instances after a crash so that profile renaming works.
  • Fix add-on list not refreshing when toggling enabled in latest toolkit.
  • Fix cursor jumping on first click in "Edit Current" area on Windows.
  • Preserve whitespace when pasting plain text.
  • Prevent errors caused by a timer firing after collection is unloaded.
  • Ensure a full sync is forced when restoring from a backup.
  • Ensure full window is on screen when displaying windows on a changed screen layout.
  • Improvements to the add-ons, debug console, and error screens.
  • Ensure {{Deck}} shows the correct deck when adding.
  • Ensure windows don’t get shown off-screen.
  • Remember add-on window size and position.

Anki 2.1.8:

  • Fix startup on Windows 8.
  • Fix field content appearing under editor buttons.
  • Better handle an error when recording.
  • Fix improper handling of collections with deck errors.
  • Fix duplicate deck names being created due to text encoding.
  • Fix gtk2 theme and fcitx module not being included.
  • Detect nouveau graphics drivers and automatically switch to software rendering.

Anki 2.1.7:

  • Fix "QPushButton has been deleted" error messages after a problem occurs changing note types.
  • Fix errors during "Check Database" that are just a byproduct of a previous operation that failed.
  • Fix problems searching for some non-Latin text in decks/note type names.
  • Ensure cgi and uuid modules are available to add-ons.
  • Improvements to the Windows installer.
  • Automatically restart mpv if it stops responding.
  • Don’t convert non-Latin characters in add-on configuration to difficult-to-read escape codes.
  • Add a bottom border to the menubar on Windows 10.

Anki 2.1.6:

  • Search text is normalized, which fixes problems searching for unicode characters with multiple possible encodings.
  • The selection is now partially transparent, allowing you to see the underyling colours of the rows.
  • The screen doesn’t scroll when performing actions that don’t change the selection count.
  • Flags now toggle on and off, and the separate clear flag action has been removed.
  • The second flag is now orange instead of purple.
  • Find&replace now only shows fields relevant to the notes you’ve selected, and is case insensitive.
  • Fix card list not updating when editing HTML.
  • Importing apkgs is now more verbose about how notes have been handled.
  • Prevent errors caused by the user adding a field reference to itself on a field.
  • Better handle issues with the deck list, such as decks that are missing a parent deck.
  • Anki should now be able to function even if a system proxy is configured for localhost connections.
  • Fix font size being copied when pasting between Anki fields with bold text.
  • Pasting a link with shift held down now creates a clickable link.
  • Fixed an issue with the bulk remove tags option where tags with similar names could be removed as well.
  • Fixed an error that occurred with very long filenames on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue running latex commands on some Linux installs.
  • The Browse screen’s sidebar now defaults to on.
  • Fixed a race condition that could cause two copies of Anki to open.
  • When adding media to cards, Anki now will automatically rename the filenames if they’re too long.
  • The experimental scheduler now regularly checks if new learning cards have become due.
  • Handle invalid add-on config..
  • Enforce template ordering when card templates are reordered after card creation.
  • Don’t change deck when Esc pressed in deck chooser.
  • Fix a problem on initial startup when English not the default language.
  • Fix busy cursor showing in import results screen.
  • Fix content overlap when add-ons have added many editor buttons.
  • Don’t change current note when reopening editor from review screen.
  • A fix for running on Python 3.7.
  • Restore the tooltip for the Fields and Cards buttons in editor.
  • A possible fix for database is locked errors on Windows.

Anki 2.1.5:

  • Use selected answer button instead of default when enter/space pressed.
  • Change undo shortcut in browse screen to avoid conflict with editing functionality.
  • Ignore standard mpv config file location in favour of Anki data folder.
  • Fix importing of .apkg files when interface in Dutch.
  • Fix translations not working on Linux after make install.
  • Support newlines in type:cloze, and treat them as spaces.
  • Add browser.rowChanged hook for add-on authors.
  • Possible fix for some database is locked errors.
  • Fix errors on startup when deck given an invalid name.
  • Fix sorting not working when field contains only a media reference.
  • Fix access denied error not being caught properly.
  • Fix exporting of v2 colpkg when interface in non-English language.
  • Fix conditional replacement not ignoring HTML formatting.
  • Fix question fade time being forced when hardware acceleration on.
  • Add a small margin between buttons during review.
  • V2 scheduler now respects maximum interval even if it will lead to all buttons giving the same interval.
  • Tweak margins in overview and answer button areas.
  • Ignore UI events that are received after collection has been closed.
  • Don’t try to import .anki(2) files as text.
  • Added support for Lojban (thanks to giqtaqisi).

Anki 2.1.4:

  • Fix deck list getting stuck when creating filtered deck.
  • Prevent local cards being overwritten when accidentally downloading empty AnkiWeb collection.
  • Favour mark/flag colour over suspended colour in browse screen.
  • Fix new day calculation in experimental scheduler.
  • Disable view page button for locally added add-ons.

Anki 2.1.3:

  • Hardware acceleration can now be toggled in the preferences screen on Windows/Linux.
  • Disable question fade-in during review when hardware acceleration is off.
  • Fix some add-ons leaving a blank space in the main window when Anki restarted.
  • Fix some unwanted text being included when pasting.
  • Fix shortcut keys like space from repeatedly triggering when held down.

Anki 2.1.2:

  • Add missing .apkg and .colpkg file associations.
  • Improve handling of images inlined in fields.

Anki 2.1.1:

  • Fixed exporting of .apkg files with regular scheduler.
  • Extract embedded images when pasting HTML.
  • Fix images copied from Finder not pasting properly.
  • When the sort field is set to RTL, display in RTL order in the browser.
  • Update toolkit version on Windows.

Anki 2.1.0:

  • Don’t unmaximize when reshowing browse screen.
  • Add *.webm to attach media file selector.
  • Add shortcut key for MathJax mhchem support.

Anki 2.0.52:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause cards in relearning to be scheduled incorrectly when they’re imported into a different collection.

Anki 2.0.51:

  • Works around a toolkit bug that was causing ping spikes every ten seconds for some Windows users.

Anki 2.0.50:

  • Burying now defaults to off.
  • The default review limit is now 200 cards/day.

Anki 2.0.48:

- Built with an updated Python version, that fixes some issues add-ons were having accessing secure sites.

Anki 2.0.47:

- Fixed Bugs.

Anki 2.0.46:

- Fix an issue where mplayer would not work for some Linux users.
- Fix an issue with the edit screen that may have lead to crashes later on.

Anki 2.0.44:

- Fixed Bugs.

Anki 2.0.43:

- Fixed Bugs.