AnVir Task Manager


AnVir Task Manager 8.6.0:

- The module for monitoring equipment and the database of startup programs were updated.

AnVir Task Manager 8.1.2:

- Database of startup programs updated.
- Fixed some bugs.

AnVir Task Manager 7.5.0:

- An option to store the settings for traffic monitoring.
- The buttons in the window titles and list of recent folders in the file open dialog in 64-bit applications.
- Ability to disable notifications about new programs of extended startup (by default).
- New page in the settings dialog that allows to quickly turn off the functions that affect the performance.
- Delay startup program were not launched if custom startup time was set.

AnVir Task Manager 7.0:

- Monitoring of about 200 Windows registry key, from which programs can be auto-started.
- The possibility to add new startup tasks to the scheduler on Windows 7.
- New filter by program types on Startup and Services pages.
- Fixed: Disappeared hard drive icon in the tray.
- Fixed: Delayed startup programs and programs from the tray menu were run with admin rights on Windows 7.

AnVir Task Manager 6.7.1:

- Fixed Bugs.