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Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE is a free development environment for the Arduino platform that contains code editor, compiler and firmware transfer module to the card. This environment will be perfect for the С and C++ programmers. The programs (sketches) that were written with the help of Arduino IDE will be processed and then compiled in AVR-GCC.

Arduino’s development environment comes with the programs library that is called Wiring beginning on the Wiring project that allows to do many standard input/output operations much easier.

In general, Arduino makes it possible to create electronic devices that can receive signals from different digital and analog sensors that are connected to them and control different executive devices. The Arduino-based projects can work independently or in cooperation with the PC software.

Pros of Arduino IDE for Windows

Among similar programs Arduino IDE is notable for its affordability, it is user-friendly and has many settings for professionals. The program has simple interface and is compatible with different Windows versions. That is why every amateur can create simple project using the standard libraries.

It is also important that all the main necessary tools are provided in this development environment. Several available functions are Save, Export, Search, Check, Sketch Replace.


Users say that some Arduino IDE versions are unstable. Also, don’t hope to create a serious project with the help of this program. Arduino IDE is mostly good for hobby projects.


  • download the software using the link;
  • open the downloaded file;
  • follow the instructions in the installation window.

Changes in recent version

Author: Arduino
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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