Artweaver 7.0.5:

  • Improved Windows Ink Pen support.
  • Fixed error while painting with certain pen tablets.
  • Fixed layer send to back command does not always work correct.
  • Fixed pasting text from clipboard as new layer does not work.
  • Fixed wrong text tool behavior when entering text using keypad.
  • Fixed various error reports.

Artweaver 7.0.4:

  • Improved brush stroke performance with impasto.
  • Improved PSD text layer loading.
  • Removed not supported page setup margins.
  • Fixed errors when executing certain FilterFX scripts.
  • Fixed not correct centered document in print preview.
  • Fixed text tool rendering issues with some special fonts.
  • Fixed errors when hiding brush selector.
  • Fixed various error reports.

Artweaver 7.0.3:

  • Improved support for certain pen input devices.
  • Fixed error after closing brush selector.
  • Fixed error when selecting recent brushes from brush selector.
  • Fixed error after canceling brush tool.
  • Fixed error when default printer is not available.

Artweaver 7.0.2:

  • Improved online update.
  • Improved sending of error reports.
  • Fixed error when canceling a WIA scan.
  • Fixed error opening JPEG files with invalid markers.
  • Fixed wrong palette size and default layout in high DPI environments.
  • Fixed not correct working Other brush method.
  • Fixed various error reports.

Artweaver 7.0.1:

  • Added new brush warning for Airbrush pressure.
  • Improved document saving.
  • Fixed errors with XP-Pen tablets.
  • Fixed error when changing brush method in brush editor popup.
  • Fixed error when fast selecting brush presets.
  • Fixed error when closing brush editor popup.
  • Fixed wrong brush editor popup height.
  • Fixed wrong default DPI value when loading PNG files.

Artweaver 6.0.12:

  • Improved stability.
  • Fixed error when using clone sources.

Artweaver 6.0.11:

  • Removed email notification from error report upload as it is no longer supported.
  • Improved palette drag & drop.
  • Improved stability.
  • Fixed error on startup after changing color theme.
  • Fixed wrong name after restoring default brush variant.
  • Fixed empty brush category list in brush editor.
  • Fixed not correct loading of stroke smoothing brush setting.

Artweaver 6.0.9:

  • Improved pixel brush type.
  • Improved memory handling.
  • Improved performance of multi-threaded filters.
  • Fixed various issues reported by automatic error reports.

Artweaver 6.0.8:

  • Reduced overall memory usage.
  • Fixed a crash closing all documents with a special tab arrangement.
  • Fixed not updating coordinates while a tool is in use.
  • Fixed wrong shown transformation frame with low zoom levels.

Artweaver 6.0.7:

  • Improved virtual memory management and overall stability.
  • Improved support for Photoshop compatible plugins.
  • Fixed not always correct shown selection preview.
  • Fixed not correct handled transparency in Jitter blur FilterFX script.
  • Fixed some small errors in online help.
  • Fixed not always correct updating info palette.

Artweaver 6.0.6:

- Improved loading of preset previews.
- Fixed not properly working color blend mode.
- Fixed not properly working merging of invisible layers.
- Fixed not completely clickable color selector on property bar.
- Fixed some not correct working tools at borders of documents.

Artweaver 6.0.5:

- Increased maximum zoom level to 3200%.
- Changed default check for updates interval to daily.
- Improved stability of layer, history and selections palette.
- Fixed some issues reported by automatic error reports.

Artweaver 6.0.4:

- Fixed Bugs.

Artweaver 6.0.3:

- Added delete script command to FilterFX filter.
- Added undo and redo commands to FilterFX filter editor.
- Added context menu to FilterFX filter editor.
- Display errors using tools in rotated view fixed.
- Wrong zoom tool preview in rotated view fixed.
- Crash when using FilterFX help fixed.
- Various errors fixed.

Artweaver 6.0.2:

- Hang when using text tool under Windows 7 fixed.
- Input error when entering font size on property bar fixed.
- Various errors fixed.

Artweaver 6.0.1:

- Italian language file added to setup.
- Save button on button bar improved.
- English localization improved.
- Faulty copy & paste via clipboard fixed.
- Not working default script in FilterFX filter fixed.
- Error applying custom filters on 16bit documents fixed.
- Memory errors fixed.
- Various errors fixed.

Artweaver 6.0:

- Support for High DPI displays.
- Brush engine enhancements.
- User interface improvements.
- Advanced support for Photoshop® compatible Plug-Ins.
- New Filters.
- Text tool enhancements.
- Tool improvements.
- And even more improvements.

Artweaver 5.1.5:

- Fixed Bugs.

Artweaver 5.1.4:

- Events loading and playback improved.
- Error handling for corrupt preset files improved.
- Drag & drop error on layers palette fixed.
- Various errors fixed.

Artweaver 5.1.2:

- Language file for Hong Kong Cantonese added.
- Measuring unit support for grid size setting in preferences added.
- Various small errors fixed.

Artweaver 5.1.1:

- Stability improved.
- Various small errors fixed.

Artweaver 5.0.8:

- Language file for Dutch added.
- PSD file format support improved.
- English translation improved.
- Wrong settings after selecting brushes fixed.
- Wrong displaying of brush preview cursor fixed.
- Error during closing fixed.
- Error using shape tool fixed.
- Various small errors fixed.

Artweaver 5.0.7:

- Language files for Spanish and simplified Chinese added.
- Hang while changing brush settings fixed.
- Various small errors fixed.

Artweaver 5.0.6:

- Selecting of tools improved.
- Occasional application hang while painting or tool changing fixed.
- Display error while using transformation tool fixed.
- Various small errors fixed.

Artweaver 5.0.5:

- Playback of events improved.
- Changing visibility of docked palettes improved.
- Error report creation improved.
- Virtual memory management improved.
- Black borders after using shape tool fixed.
- Wrong positioning of clone source indicator fixed.
- Wrong brush category symbols when exporting fixed.

Artweaver 5.0.4:

- Set and restore of brush default variant improved.
- Displaying of brush strokes while drawing on small areas improved.
- Selecting of grouped layers improved.
- Various appearance improvements.
- Error when importing ABR brushes with drag & drop on application window fixed.
- Error using clone color on layers fixed.
- Pixel error in palette preview fixed.
- Wrong custom shape preview in shape tool fixed.
- Error message when closing documents fixed.

Artweaver 5.0.3:

- Support for category symbols in brush export and import.
- Preset deletion improved.
- Events sending in team mode improved.
- Brush preset sorting error fixed.

Artweaver 5.0.2:

- Shape tool improved.
- Importing from clipboard improved.
- Error during import of brush presets fixed.
- Missing opacity and grain support in Other - Add grain category fixed.

Artweaver 5.0.1:

- Fixed Bugs.

Artweaver 5.0:

- Mirror painting to create easily symmetrical paintings.
- Support for documents with 8 and 16 Bits/Channel.
- High precision 16bit brush engine for exact results especially with low opacity values.
- 3 different color themes for the user interface (default, light gray or dark).
- Order of each preset in the selectors view can be adjusted.
- Brush Engine Improvements.
- User Interface Improvements.
- Improved export of presets in events.
- Improved selection tools.
- Some tools allow scrolling, zooming and rotating the document while in use (Crop, transformation, selection and text tool).
- Improved event support for tools.
- Loading of palettes layout allows it to keep current custom palettes.
- New customizable Misc shortcuts.
- Better quality for some filters on layers with transparency and impasto.
- Read and write support for the OpenRaster file format (0.0.4-pre.1 specification).
- JPEG support for YCbCR, CMYK and YCCK color formats.

Artweaver 4.5.4:

- Russian language file by Garniv added.
- Maximum grid size to 250 pixels increased.
- Fixed bugs.

Artweaver 4.5.3:

- Palettes drag & drop improved.
- Fixed bugs.

Artweaver 4.5.2:

- Selection tool mode change via keyboard shortcuts improved.
- Quality of blur and sharpen filter on layers with transparency improved.
- Maximum radius of Gaussian blur to 999 increased.
- Palettes update during new document creation improved.
- Merge layer group undo improved.
- Fixed bugs.

Artweaver 4.5.1:

- Reading of corrupt AWD files improved.
- Impasto support in various tools improved.
- PSD read error handling improved.
- Applying of minimum size during painting improved.
- Capturing of presets improved.
- Online update improved.
- Smaller program interface improvements.
- Error when reading grouped layers in AWD file format fixed.
- Error in difference and reduce saturation brush category with existing selection fixed.
- Error when cloning from background to normal layer fixed.
- Error in loading move tool settings fixed.

Artweaver 4.5:

- integration improved.
- Artweaver Team Uploader Plug-In added to default setup.
- Automatic saving of recovery information added.
- Character limits for many preset names removed.
- Impasto quality improved.
- Color variability quality improved.
- Support of layer groups in AWD file format improved.
- Various program interface improvements.
- Fixed bugs.

Artweaver 4.0.3:

- Danish language file by ChristianB added.
- Tablet support improved.
- Color blending precision improved.
- Language file support improved.
- Fixed bugs.

Artweaver 4.0.2:

- French language file and help by Yves NONEN added.
- Loading of old Artweaver 0.x brush presets improved.
- Preview of transformation tools improved.
- File format registration while installing improved.
- Arrangement of palettes improved.
- Error in smear brush method fixed.
- Error when deleting Imagestamp presets fixed.
- Error in HSL color variability fixed.

Artweaver 4.0:

- Native 64 bit version and improved support for multiple CPU cores.
- New tabbed document interface (TDI) instead of a multiple document interface (MDI).
- Revised and improved icons.
- Preview images of brush presets can be customized by own images.
- Many tools show useful information directly on the canvas while using them.
- Crop tool darkens document area outside the crop rectangle for a better visual feedback.
- Shape tool now supports more complex custom shapes and includes many new custom shapes.
- Custom palettes support presets commands and command order is configurable.
- The team token locking has been replaced by an automatic locking.
- New brush profile: Soft.
- New brush settings: Merge mode and Merge opacity.
- New layer blend mode: Overlay.
- New effect filters: Portrait, Dithering, Video, Difference Clouds and Custom.
- Support for Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) devices which replaces Twain.
- Many other additions, changes and corrections.

Artweaver 3.1.5:

- Palette handling improved.
- Automatic update improved.
- Filter preview with existing selection improved.
- JPEG image buffer overflow vulnerability CVE-2013-3481 fixed (thanks to Kaveh Ghaemmagham via Secunia SVCRP).
- Artifacts when applying filters with existing selections fixed.
- Black borders with blur brush category fixed.
- Wrong selection order when saving into PSD format fixed.
- Error on applying filters with selections fixed.
- Wrong spacing of warp brush method fixed.
- Crash on loading default keyboard shortcuts fixed.

Artweaver 3.1.4:

- Captured quality of brushes export improved.
- Brushes import result message improved.
- Wrong brush method and category during ABR brush import fixed.
- Minimum size of custom palette improved.
- Palette handling improved.
- Straight Line mode of brush tool improved.
- Error in glow filter from filter gallery fixed.

Artweaver 3.1.3:

- Support for pen tablets improved.
- Deletion of commands from custom palette improved.
- Progress updates while transformation event playback improved.
- Wrong paper structure while brush tool event playback fixed.
- Missing rebuild of brush when changing captured preset fixed.

Artweaver 3.1.1:

- Support for shift key in shape tool improved.
- Quality of paper structure scaling improved.
- Calculation of direction improved.
- Support for pen tablets improved.
- Applying of conical gradient improved.
- Wrong spacing in brush editor fixed.
- Scale to fit media error in print preview fixed.
- Some missing translations fixed.

Artweaver 3.0.4:

- Custom palettes improved.
- Quality of brush tool improved.
- Pressure detection of pen tablets improved.
- Automatic renaming of text layers improved.
- Setting impasto settings for new documents improved.
- Fixed bugs.

Artweaver 3.0.3:

- Getting started with team functionality information added.
- Speed while saving AWD documents improved.
- Quality of brush tool improved.
- File information improved.
- Fixed bugs.

Artweaver 3.0.2:

- Fixed Bugs.

Artweaver 3.0.1:

- Palette docking improved.
- Layer drag & drop improved.
- Reading of PSD files with gray scale color format improved.
- Closing of preferences dialog via ESC key added.
- Fixed bugs.