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Audiograbber is an app for extracting and converting audio files. It uses LAME encoder, WMA codecs, OGG Vorbis and other popular formats that are supported by the encoder library. Audiograbber lets users rip CD disks, record audio from the microphone, and capture audio from other programs into such popular formats like MP3, WAV etc. The file conversion process bypasses the sound card hardware, allowing correct digital conversion without losing the quality of these tracks.

Audiograbber uses the freedb database of track listings to create ripped tracks with the real artists, song names, albums and other data. The program can also normalize audio files, it supports ID3 tags and CD-text. Audiograbber has a line-in sampling function that splits LP recorded files into smaller separate tracks, as well as a noise reduction tool with the use of an Algorithmix VST plug-in.

Audiograbber main features:

- Audio files extraction.
- Audio files conversion without needing to use sound card hardware.
- Rips, records and captures audio.
- Supports LAME and OGG Vorbis encoders.
- Supports WMA codecs.
- Uses the freedb database with real names, songs and other data.
- Supports ID3 tags.
- Supports splitting files into separate tracks.
- Supports noise reduction.


There is an option to install Shopping Helper toolbar during the installation process - untick this option if you do not want to install this toolbar.

Changes in recent version

Author: Jackie Franck
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7

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