Auto Gordian Knot (AutoGK) 2.55

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Auto Gordian Knot (AutoGK)

Auto Gordian Knot is a very simple and powerfull tool for making DVD rips. AutoGK comes with almost all that you'll need to create excellent quality backups of your DVDs.  This program puts the VOB files onto your hard drive, and in the process breaks the encryption and Macrovision protection which DVDs have, and which is illegal in many countries. You'll have to get it and install it yourself.

But the AutoGK Installer will install everything else that you need. Just designate a folder for the installation, and everything will be taken care of. Optional programs include the XviD Encoder, AviSynth, and VobSub. If you already have the most recent versions of them, then you don't need to install them again. If you don't already have them, aren't sure if you have them, or have no idea what they are, then go ahead and install them. You'll need them for your encoding.

Features of Auto Gordian Knot:

- DVD/VOBs(unencrypted from hdd), MPEG2, MPEG1, transport streams (including multi-program ones) and AVI/DV input sources.
- XviD or DivX(5/6) output formats.
- AC3, DTS, PCM, MPA input audio tracks.
- AC3, DTS, MPA, CBR/VBR MP3 output audio tracks.
- Two audio tracks in AVI.
- External (vobsub) or internal (burnt-in) subtitles (with support of forced subs).
- HDTV input/output resolutions (upto 1920x***) and frame rates (50/60fps).
- Automatic crop and resize based on compressibility of the source to achieve best results.
- Automatic detection of input source: PAL, NTSC, FILM, HYBRID.
- Automatic deinterlacer and IVTC.
- Automatic split into CD-sized chunks for main video and external subs.

Changes in recent version

Author: len0x
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7

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