Bitcoin 0.17.0:

  • Fix crash bug with duplicate inputs within a transaction.
  • Bitcoinconsensus: invalid flags error should be set to bitcoinconsensus_err.
  • Correct the help output for -prune.

Bitcoin 0.16.3:

  • Fix crash bug with duplicate inputs within a transaction.
  • Bitcoinconsensus: invalid flags error should be set to bitcoinconsensus_err.
  • Correct the help output for -prune.

Bitcoin 0.14.2:

- Fix importwallet edge case rescan bug.
- Populate services in GetLocalAddress.
- Only enforce expected services for half of outgoing connections.
- Regenerate bitcoin-config.h as necessary.
- Minor fix in build documentation for FreeBSD 11.
- Check interruptNet during dnsseed lookups.
- Reduce a significant cs_main lock freeze.
- Unset change position when there is no change.

Bitcoin 0.14.1:

- Remove auth cookie on shutdown.
- Better error handling for submitblock.
- Prioritisetransaction wasn’t always updating ancestor fee.
- Rename disconnectnode argument.
- Optimize GetWitnessHash() for non-segwit transactions.
- Clean up calculations of pcoinsTip memory usage.
- Fix shutdown hang with >= 8 -addnodes set.
- fix zlib build on osx.

Bitcoin 0.14.0:

- The script signature cache has been reimplemented as a “cuckoo cache”, allowing for more signatures to be cached and faster lookups.
- Assumed-valid blocks have been introduced which allows script validation to be skipped for ancestors of known-good blocks, without changing the security model. See below for more details.
- In some cases, compact blocks are now relayed before being fully validated as per BIP152.
- P2P networking has been refactored with a focus on concurrency and throughput. Network operations are no longer bottlenecked by validation. As a result, block fetching is several times faster than previous releases in many cases.
- The UTXO cache now claims unused mempool memory. This speeds up initial block download as UTXO lookups are a major bottleneck there, and there is no use for the mempool at that stage.

Bitcoin 0.13.2:

- Fixed Bugs.

Bitcoin 0.13.0:

- Database cache memory increased
- The RPC command line client gained a new argument, -stdin to read extra arguments from standard input, one per line until EOF/Ctrl-D.
- The Bitcoin Core code base has started using C++11. Python3.4 or higher is now required.
- Due to popular request, Linux ARM builds have been added to the uploaded executables.
- Support for block relay using the Compact Blocks protocol has been implemented in PR 8068.
- Newly created wallets will use hierarchical deterministic key generation according to BIP32 (keypath m/0’/0’/k’).
- The code preparations for Segregated Witness (“segwit”), as described in BIP 141, BIP 143, BIP 144, and BIP 145 are finished and included in this release.
- Mining transaction selection (“Child Pays For Parent”).
- Reindexing changes.
- As CPU mining has been useless for a long time, the internal miner has been removed in this release, and replaced with a simpler implementation for the test framework.
- New bytespersigop implementation.
- Low-level P2P changes.
- Low-level RPC changes.
- Low-level ZMQ changes.

Bitcoin 0.12.0:

- Signature validation using libsecp256k1.
- Reduce upload traffic.
- Direct headers announcement (BIP 130).
- Memory pool limiting.
- Opt-in Replace-by-fee transactions.
- RPC: Random-cookie RPC authentication.
- Relay and Mining: Priority transactions.
- Automatically use Tor hidden services.
- Notifications through ZMQ.
- Many other additions, changes and corrections.

Bitcoin 0.11.2:

- Fixed Bugs.

Bitcoin 0.11.1:

- Fixed Bugs.

Bitcoin 0.11.0:

- Many additions, changes and corrections.

Bitcoin 0.10.2:

- Fixed Bugs.

Bitcoin 0.10.1:

- Fixed Bugs.

Bitcoin 0.10.0:

- Strict Signature Checks.
- IsStandard rules relaxed for P2SH addresses.
- Fee estimation.
- Watch-only Addresses.
- Secure Signing.
- Headers-first Sync.
- Unauthenticated REST Interface.
- New bitcoin-tx tool.

Bitcoin 0.9.3:

- Remove a useless millisleep in socket handler.
- Stricter memory limits on CNode.
- Better orphan transaction handling.
- Add -maxorphantx= and -maxorphanblocks= options for control over the maximum orphan transactions and blocks.
- Includes changes from the previous RC version.

Bitcoin 0.8.3:

- Fixed Bugs.

Bitcoin 0.8.2:

- The default fee for low-priority transactions is lowered from 0.0005 BTC to 0.0001 BTC.
- Payments (transaction outputs) of 0.543 times the minimum relay fee (0.00005430 BTC) are now considered 'non-standard.
- New icon and splash screen
- Improve reporting of synchronization process
- Remove hardcoded fee recommendations
- Move export button to individual tabs instead of toolbar
- Add "send coins" command to context menu in address book
- Add "copy txid" command to copy transaction IDs from transaction overview
- Save & restore window size and position when showing & hiding window
- New translations: Arabic (ar), Bosnian (bs), Catalan (ca), Welsh (cy), Esperanto (eo), Interlingua (la), Latvian (lv) and many improvements to current translations
- Significant changes to the networking code, reducing latency and memory consumption.
- Avoid initial block download stalling.
- Remove IRC seeding support.
- Many other additions, changes and corrections.

Bitcoin 0.7.2:

- Fixed Bugs.

Bitcoin 0.6.3:

- Fixed a serious denial-of-service attack that could cause the bitcoin process to become unresponsive.
- (CVE-2012-3789) Optimized the process of checking transaction signatures, to speed up processing of new block messages and make propagating blocks across the network faster.
- Fixed an obscure bug that could cause the bitcoin process to get stuck on an invalid block-chain, if the invalid chain was hundreds of blocks long. Bitcoin-Qt no longer automatically selects the first address in the address book (Issue #1384).
- Fixed minimize-to-dock behavior of Bitcon-Qt on the Mac.
- Added a block checkpoint at block 185,333 to speed up initial blockchain download.