Bochs 2.6.9:

  • CPU: implemented new instructions and x86 architecture extensions.
  • Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness.
  • Added Android host platform support.
  • Added USB EHCI device emulation support.
  • Added USB floppy (UFI/CBI) support.
  • Added ethernet module 'socket', designed to interconnect Bochs instances.
  • Show textconfig at runtime in the Bochs VGA window (gui console).

Bochs 2.6.8:

- Memory type calculation support for Bochs debugger and instrumentation, to enable configure with --enable-memtype option.
- CPUDB: Added Pentium (P54C) configuration to CPUDB.
- CPUDB: Added Broadwell ULT configuration to CPUDB.
- Updated definition of instrumentation callbacks, see description in instrumentation.txt.
- Configure option --enable-fast-function-calls now also used for MSVC nmake.
- The VGA update timer mode now can be selected with the 'vga' option.
- Release all pressed keys when the simwindow gets back the keyboard focus.
- Win32 gui: Captured mouse cursor now really trapped in window.
- SDL2: Implemented yes/no dialog (e.g. for VVFAT commit).
- Full save/restore support for enhanced gui debugger settings (window+font).
- Added debugger support for the term gui using a pseudo-terminal.
- Hard drive: Added Oracle(tm) VM VirtualBox image support (VDI version 1.1)
- Hard drive: Re-enable "bulk I/O" repeat speedups extension.
- SB16: Ported OPL3 emulation from DOSBox and partly removed legacy code.
- ES1370: Added MIDI UART output support.
- Major rewrite of the lowlevel sound code.
- Fixed bugs.

Bochs 2.6.7:

- CPU / CPUDB: Implemented AVX-512BW/AVX-512DQ/AVX-512VL extensions emulation.
- CPU / CPUDB: implemented AVX512-IFMA532 instructions emulation.
- CPU / CPUDB: implemented AVX512-VBMI instructions emulation.
- CPU / CPUDB: Reverted removal of reporting Architectural Perfmon support in pre-defined CPUID modules.
- CPU / CPUDB: Windows 8 and Windows 10 require Performance Monitoring to be reported to boot.
- CPU / CPUDB: To workaround possible Windows 7 64-bit installation issues: use bx_generic CPUID module, which doesn't report Performance Monitoring in CPUID.
- GUI and display libraries: The VGA update timer and the status LED timer now always use the realtime mode independent from the 'clock' option setting.
- GUI and display libraries: Added native SDL2 GUI support to Bochs. To enable configure with --with-sdl2.
- GUI and display libraries: Added new user shortcut "scrlck" (SDL/SDL2 using "Scroll Lock" for fullscreen toggle).
- GUI and display libraries: Write enhanced gui debugger settings to file on exit and restore on initialization.
- GUI and display libraries: I/O Devices
- GUI and display libraries: USB
- GUI and display libraries: xHCI model now emulates a NEC/Renesas uPD720202 device (patch by Ben Lunt).
- GUI and display libraries: Added USB port specific option 'size' for VVFAT disks (range 128M ... 128G).
- GUI and display libraries: If the size is not specified or invalid, it defaults to 504M.
- GUI and display libraries: Hard drive / HD image
- Visual Studio workspace files updated to VS2013Ex format.
- bximage_old/bxcommit: removed old obsolete image manipulation tools.
- Documentation fixes and updates.
- Fived bugs.

Bochs 2.6.5:

- CPU: extra 5-10% emulation speedup with new trace linking optimization.
- CPU: implemented new instructions (e.g. AVX-512, SHA, XSAVEC).
- CPUDB: added 2 new CPU models.
- Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (including some critical ones).
- Gui debugger output window now can be used as a log viewer.
- Added built-in slirp (user-mode networking) support (ported from Qemu).
- Added global sound config option and volume control support to the devices.
- Added new experimental gui 'vncsrv" using the LibVNCServer library.
- Rewrite of the bximage utility in C++ for image creation, conversion and resize.

Bochs 2.6.2:

- Fixed Bugs.

Bochs 2.6:

- More than 10% CPU emulation speedup.
- Support for AMD's SVM hardware emulation (including extended XAPIC support).
- Implemented support for new x86 ISA extensions.
- Improved emulation accuracy (critical fixes for APIC, VMX and AVX/XOP emulation).
- Bochs internal debugger: new command to show state of a device from the debugger.
- ROM BIOS: improved PCI boot ROM support (for VGA and other devices)
- Ported Intel(R) 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet adapter emulation from Qemu.
- Added PCI network boot ROM support to all network adapters.
- Added TFTP support to the 'slirp' networking module.
- Harddrive: added support for VirtualPC disk images, fixed sparse disk images.
- Implemented PC speaker beep using the lowlevel sound interface.
- SDL audio output support.
- Added ability to set log action per device from .bochsrc.
- Moved disk imaging, networking, sound and USB devices to subdirectories in the iodev folder.

Bochs 2.5:

- Fully configurable CPU to emulate with a single .bochsrc option.
- 10% (ST) to 50% (SMP) CPU emulation speedup.
- Implemented support for new x86 ISA extensions, Bochs is aligned with
  latest published Intel Architecture Manual.
- Implemented support for AMD SSE4A/XOP/FMA4/TBM instruction sets.
- Networking: introduced new networking module 'slirp'.
- Sound: ported ES1370 soundcard emulation from Qemu.
- LGPL'd VGABIOS updated to version 0.7a.

Bochs 2.4.6:

- Support more host OS to run on.
- BIOS: Support for up to 2M ROM BIOS images.
- GUI: select mouse capture toggle method in .bochsrc.
- Ported most of Qemu's 'virtual VFAT' block driver.
- Added write protect option for floppy drives.
- Bugfixes.