BSplayer 2.72 Build 1082:

  • Improved codec support.
  • Bug fixes.

BSplayer 2.71 Build 1081:

- Fixed Bugs.

BSplayer 2.70 Build 1080:

- Some small bug fixes and improvements, support for more formats.

BSplayer 2.69 Build 1078:

- Fixed Bugs.

BSplayer 2.68.1077:

- Fixed Bugs.

BSplayer 2.67.1076:

- Added option to blank all screens except playback.
- Added menu item for online subtitles rating.
- Some other bug fixes.

BSplayer 2.66.1075:

- Fixed Bugs.

BSplayer 2.65.1074:

- Fixed problem with YouTube links in playlist.
- Better support for LAV filters.
- Some other bug fixes and improvements.

BSplayer 2.64.1073:

- Fixed problem with Windows 8 Metro applications.
- New renderer for Windows 8 N versions, it's also supported on other versions (Windows XP+).
- Some other bug fixes.

BS.player 2.63.1070:

- Total time in playlist wasn't updated, fixed.
- Subtitles were 'cut' in some cases, fixed.
- YouTube playback fixed.
- Other bug fixes.

BS.player 2.61.1065:

- Fixed Bugs.

BS.player 2.60.1064:

- SDK: added BSP_OpenFileW, BSP_GetFileNameW for unicode filenames.
- In full screen mode mouse pointer is now less sensitive to mouse movement, it won't be shown at very small movement.
- Also added option to never show mouse pointer in full screen mode.
- Fixed bugs.

BS.player 2.58.1058:

- New subtitle renderer should now handle RTL languages properly.
- Added alternate AC3/DTS decoder.
- Frame step now also works with EVR renderer.
- Added some plugin events for playlist handling.
- Added support for madVR - Video renderer.
- Edit bookmark window is now non-modal.
- Online subtitle result window also non-modal.
- Some bug fixes and security enhancements.


- Fixed Bugs.

BSplayer 2.5.7:

- New OSD mode.
- Option to set subtitles off by default, subtitles are still loaded but not shown.
- Option to ignore SSA styles.
- Option to set background color for full screen mode.
- Support for some Windows 7 features.
- Fixed bugs.

BSplayer 2.5.6:

- Fixed and improved YouTube playback.

BSplayer 2.5.5:

- Added subtitle upload support for and
- Subtitles background color alpha can now be set.
- Fixed Bugs.