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Cheat Engine is a free and open-source app that works as a memory scanner, debugger and hex editor. The program is used by gamers to make computer games easier or harder to play.

Cheat Engine allows users to look for different values using a number of options to scan the computer’s memory. It is also possible to create trainers that work standalone from Cheat Engine. Users can make changes when viewing disassembled memory of game processes to receive many advantages, such as god life, infinite ammunition, money etc. The app also uses Direct3D tools that allow users to look through walls, zoom in and out and create aiming bots.

Cheat Engine main features:

— An open-source memory scanner, debugger and hex editor.
— A variety of options for scanning game processes.
— Real-time editing of disassembled memory using code injections.
— Ability to gain god life, infinite ammunition, money and other advantages.
— Direct3D features to look through walls, create aiming bots, zoom in and out.
— Ability to create game trainers that work separately from the program.
— A full tutorial for new users.


There is an option to download and install Hamster Free ZIP Archiver and SpeedUpMyPC 2014 during the installation process — untick these options if you do not want to install this software. There can be problems with antiviruses as Cheat Engine uses code injections into game processes — the same techniques that are also used by trojans.

Changes in recent version

Author: Dark Byte
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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