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Cinema 4D Studio is a comprehensive application mainly designed for creating and editing 3D effects and objects. Its key difference from similar software is in its simple and intuitive user interface.

Cinema 4D Studio enables you to operate characters, their hair and fur, as well as manage the interaction among objects. This tool also supports unlimited number of clients for network rendering.

Key features of Cinema 4D Studio

  • Import and export of files in different formats.
  • Dealing with parametric objects, polygons, segmented surfaces, various deformers and modifiers.
  • Ability to amend parametric objects at any time.
  • Vast library of 2D and volumetric 3D shaders for creating procedural surfaces, images of glass, wood and metal.
  • Applying shading effects and filters to images.
  • Ability to create separate tracks for all animated parameters.
  • Option to use layers for arranging and adjusting the visibility of objects and tracks.
  • F-curve mode for fine-tuning the keyframe interpolation.
  • Non-linear animation for building, layering and looping discreet motions containing hundreds of keyframes in complex hierarchic actions.
  • Import of sounds, ability to attach sounds to specific objects.
  • Applying gravity, turbulence, wind and other effects to particles (geometric figure, light, etc.).
  • Dynamics of solid and liquid objects, simulation of cloth, cloning, modeling hair streaming in the wind.
  • Creating visible and volumetric lights with adjustable noise patterns that appear in the light cone.
  • Global illumination, which provides a more accurate representation of scene lighting by taking into account the light that bounces between objects.
  • Previewing real-time stereo effects.

Changes in recent version

Author: MAXON Computer Inc
Price: Free
Windows: 10

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