- Scaling mode setting for screen capture (HDPI display support).
- Scaling mode setting for screen publishing (HDPI display support).
- Video capture maximum FPS rate increased to 25.
- Added laternative colors for Marker tool. 4 colors + black + white filling.
- Auto-alternative to Win+A shortcut for Windows 10.
- Fixed bugs.


- Settings: "Show resulting window after publishing" option returned.
- Now you can save image from Editor to additional formats: BMP, GIF, TIFF, ICO.
- You can open JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, ICO files in Editor right from the Explorer context menu.
- Alpha-channel (transparency) processing of .PNG files added.
- Fixed icon tray disappear problem.
- QR-code problem fixed (when showing after upload).
- "Do not show publishing result window" setting fixed.

Clip2Net 2.2.2:

- Tray icon click behaviour setting added. By default there will be Clip2net actions panel.
- Hot-keys reset settings added. You can now disable hot-key using settings window.
- Numbers 0..9 added to the hot-keys set.
- Short URLs generator. Copy any link to clipboard and publish it using Clip2net to get short link.
- Folder selection added to the editor panel next to title field.
- Now you can add title/comment to the gallery or archive when publishing multiple files.
- Fixed bugs.

Clip2Net 2.1.1:

- Clip2net Chrome / Firefox plugin support.
- Changing of objects Z-order using "[" and "]" keys.
- Objects highlight in the editor.
- Freehand drawing in the editor.
- Ability to draw objects inside eache other.
- Moving and editing objects by holding Ctrl key.
- Support of Ctrl+Alt+Shift holding together when drawing objects in the editor. You can draw filled object (Ctrl) regular form (Shift) starting from the center (Alt).
- Fixed bugs.