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Clonezilla is a free tool for copying content of data storage devices, hard drives and partitions cloning. The program is open source and, besides Live CD, offers users its server version.

Clonezilla interacts only with the hard drive blocks which have information and that is much more effective for the backup process than copying entire content of the device. In the end, all the necessary information can be saved in the original form on any data storage device or in the form of archived image on the local HDD. Apart from that, the program supports data saving to remote servers and storages, although this is more important to companies and corporations than to basic users.

The main aim of Clonezilla is restoring user’s working efficiency with the help of prearranged hard drive backups. The necessity may appear because of hardware failures, incorrect system updates, virus activity or user’s mistakes.

Server version of the utility program allows to make copies simultaneously from more than 40 directions. This capability can be used, for example, to save mutual progress of the team of professionals after the end of the working day.

In the Live CD version Clonezilla launches and operates in its own booting environment and doesn’t depend on the OS version which is not even necessary to be installed on PC. The problems that Clonezilla solves are related to the Microsoft Windows system.

The interface does not provide a wide choice of actions for users and is designed to do the only task stage by stage – backup creation. The backup process management is implemented mostly by keyboard but you can use a mouse as well to choose options on every stage.


  • Free of charge.
  • Server and bootable versions of the program are available.
  • Supports the MBR and GPT hard drive formats.
  • Supports most of the file systems including FAT and NTFS.
  • Supports the AES-256 encryption.
  • Multicast mode in the Clonezilla SE version is available.
  • Can boot from BIOS and UEFI.


  • No way to backup individual folders and files.
  • No way to make incremental and differential backup.


The program is unique because it doesn’t require installation and allows to create a HDD copy quickly without dependence on the current functional status of an operating system. Low system requirements of Clonezilla allow user to launch Live CD on computers and notebooks with almost any hardware characteristics.

Changes in recent version

Author: Clonezilla
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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