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Clownfish for Skype

Clownfish is a free online translator of all incoming and outgoing Skype messages. Unlike its alternatives, it allows a user to choose the most appropriate machine translation service that will be used by the program.

Clownfish maintains automated translation of all your messages to a language understood by your contact. Besides, the program has an option to alter your voice during a Skype conversation.

Key features of Clownfish:

- Instant message translation.
- Ability to choose from machine translation services.
- Support for more than 50 languages.
- Spellchecker.
- Ability to configure translation separately for each contact.
- Ability to show your contact either translated output only or the translated output combined with the original text.
- Ability to modify voice (to make it sound like a female, child, robot, etc.), use of VST effects.
- Text-to-speech function.
- Output encryption.
- Settings for a welcome message.
- Ability to send predefined greetings.
- Outgoing messages with pictures made from characters and emoticons.
- Ability to involve a talking bot to maintain a flood chat.
- Conversation recording.
- Ability to play music with a predefined volume level during the incoming call.
- Ability to broadcast messages.

Changes in recent version

Author: Shark Labs
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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