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Cubase‭ - a software product for working with audio tracks.‭ It is considered one of the few virtual music studios that offer the richest functionality.‬‬‬‬

Cubase allows composing, recording, editing music, recording vocals, mixing music.‭ This software also offers cloud tools for collaborating with co-users from all over the world.‬‬

Key features of Cubase

  • ‭Composing music tracks from scratch.
  • ‭Editing and processing existing tracks.
  • ‭Recording audio from a microphone.
  • ‭Ability to plug in musical instruments and record their sounds.
  • ‭Ability to add sound effects.
  • ‭Integration with the Yamaha instruments.
  • ‭Parallel, simultaneous working with several projects.
  • ‭Ability to add new VST instruments and plugins.
  • ‭Editing MIDI files,‭ raw tracks and other data,‭ presenting them in a range of different formats.
  • ‭Export of tracks into a stereo‭ ‬.wav file for the further burning of the audio to CD or‭ ‬DVD or publishing it online.‭
  • Transferring projects between Digital Audio Workstations in the OMF format.
  • ‭Sound does not drop out even at high system load.
  • ‭Ability to control a group of faders with just one fader.
  • ‭Several options of moving the selected fragment into a new audio track.
  • ‭Assigning any chord to a chord pad on a keyboard.
  • ‭Interactive circle of fifths and maps of consonant chords in different orders.
  • ‭Convenient layout and sorting of all installed VST plugins and instruments.
  • ‭Detecting the tempo of MIDI tracks and audio tracks.
  • ‭Setting up the automated parameters of sound synthesis, processing and playback.
  • ‭Ability to add automation for certain parts of the track.
  • ‭Unlimited routing between audio channels, busses, groups and outputs.
  • ‭Graphic controls for sound synthesis,‭ use of the magnifying glass.
  • ‭Visual representation of waveforms in the mix console.

Changes in recent version

Author: Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Price: $579.99
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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