DC++ 0.868:

  • During the first run of a new DC++ release shipped with new default hublist servers the new addresses are automatically added to the existing setup (no manual reset/configuration needed anymore).
  • Revisit default hublists, add new working hublist servers; blacklist discontinued or inaccessible server addresses.
  • Add function to reset the list of public hublist servers to current defaults.
  • Update OpenSSL to version 1.1.1.
  • Use default ECC curve list since improvement in version OpenSSL 1.1.
  • Remove Coral CDN support, since it's stopped running.

DC++ 0.867:

- Fixed Bugs.

DC++ 0.866:

- Better handle chats with a lot of text and prevent a remote freeze case.
- Update MiniUPnPc to version 2.0.20170509.
- MiniUPnPc: Fix a multicast TTL setting mistakenly set to 50 instead of 2.

DC++ 0.865:

- Update zlib to version 1.2.11.
- Fix compression errors when uploading due to a zlib API change.
- Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.2k.

DC++ 0.863:

- Better Windows 10 compatibility.
- Download queue toolbar.
- Better IPv6 connectivity.
- More favorite hub settings.
- Chat box improvements.
- Hub connectivity status icons.
- Hardened connection security.

DC++ 0.862:

- Fixed Bugs.

DC++ 0.861:

- Better Windows 10 compatibility.
- Download queue toolbar.
- Better IPv6 connectivity.
- More favorite hub settings.
- Chat box improvements.
- Hub connectivity status icons.
- Hardened connection security.

DC++ 0.860:

- Switch feasible http links to https.
- Better security and certs related settings layout.
- Show list of available network interfaces for binding; add IPv6 binding setting.
- Add setting for external IPv6 addresses to be used for specific favorite hubs and hub groups.
- Drop Windows XP support, Vista is the minimum Windows version required to run DC++ from now.
- Add system memory size information to the crashlog.
- Add safeguarding for notification balloons.
- Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.2h.
- Update MiniUPnP to version 2.0.
- Scroll through tabs using the mouse wheel.
- Invert extra mouse button effects on tabs to be more intuitive.
- Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone.
- Fixed bugs.

DC++ 0.851:

- Prefer boost regex over std regex for the time being.
- [NMDC] Disallow malicious search requests.
- [NMDC] Block C-C connections to hubs.
- Installer page regarding contributions / donations.
- Update some links.
- Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.2a.
- Support only secp256r1/prime256v1/P-256 elliptic curve for ECDHE.

DC++ 0.850:

- [Launchpad bug 1308290] Enable TLS v1.1 and TLS v1.2-based ADCS connections.
- Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.1k.
- Fix DWT button rendering on WINE.
- [Launchpad bug 1206864] Fix "Require TLS ADC C-C connections".
- Add option to disable smart chat links - recommended on Wine.
- Improve UTF-8 RFC-3629 compliance.
- Remove deprecated Bitzi TTH lookup.
- Update MiniUPnP to version 1.9.
- Update the NAT-PMP library.
- Update translations.

DC++ 0.843:

- Fixed Bugs.

DC++ 0.842:

- Filtering of shared files.
- Menu and icon improvements.
- Connection fixes.
- Security fixes, especially regarding keyprints, certificate generation and the "Heartbleed" vulnerability.
- And most of all, many tweaks here and there to make your DC++ experience more enjoyable.

DC++ 0.831:

- Fixed Bugs.

DC++ 0.830:

- Optimize searches with multiple extensions.
- Added CDATA parsing to XML parser.
- Added option to set automatic search interval.
- The text in the /help-command now lists the description of each command.
- Move the PM channel selector to a status bar menu.
- Direct encrypted PM channels.
- Validate connection tokens to avoid impersonators.
- Upgrade the compiler.
- Reduce the max protocol command size from 16 MiB to 16 KiB.
- Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone.
- Fixed bugs.

DC++ 0.828:

- Fixed Bugs.

DC++ 0.825:

- Group partial file list uploads to avoid a crash.
- [ADC] Disallow some malevolent messages.

DC++ 0.822:

- Improve plugin management.

DC++ 0.811:

- [NMDC] Preserve encodings in some search results.
- Display progress information when DC++ starts.
- Plugin API: conversion functions return the required buffer size.
- Update Boost to version 1.53.
- Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.1e.
- Compile with MinGW-w64 instead of MinGW.
- Fixed bugs.

DC++ 0.810:

- Add "chunked" transfer encoding as per the HTTP/1.1 spec.
- Remove the "Windows UPnP" port mapper in favor of MiniUPnP.
- Improve the plugin API.
- Delete "View as text" files only when their window is closed.
- Update Boost to version 1.52 and atomic&lockfree to the version in trunk.
- Restore "Requesting" messages in the transfer list.
- Apply link & plugin formatting to status messages.
- Share file name duplicates due to directory merges.
- Share file name duplicates due to case differences.
- Reject file lists that contain duplicate items.
- Drag & drop text into text input fields.
- Add "user online" / "user offline" status lines to PMs.
- Apply "send unknown /commands" to PMs.
- Don't clear the message box when trying to send a message to a disconnected hub.
- Improve OpenSSL error handling.
- Add copy menus to various lists.
- Add a "Copy user information" menu item.
- [ADC] Revise INF order in c-c connections as advised by ADC 1.0.2.
- Add hublist.eu to default hub lists.
- Add a toolbar button to open own file list.
- Satisfy some boost lockfree requirements, could fix bugs on heavy load.
- Clean up earlier after receiving zlib data.
- [ADC] Send passive search replies via the hub they were requested from.
- [ADC] Actions on search results happen on the correct hub.
- Note: The hash registry will be upgraded when running this version for the first time. Make sure all your drives are connected to avoid re-hashing. That upgrade only works on Win >= Vista; re-hashing is compulsory on XP.
- Fixed bugs.

DC++ 0.799:

- Add icons.
- Improve chat link menus.
- More reasonable DL queue directory expansion.
- Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.1b.
- Update zlib to version 1.2.7.
- Fixed bugs.

DC++ 0.791:

- Update translations.

DC++ 0.782:

- Restore DC++ colors to the fav hub window.
- Don't duplicate file list entries when re-downloading it.
- Highlight window splitters on mouse hover.
- Fixed bugs.

DC++ 0.781:

- Add a dummy serial number to TLS certs to satisfy some parsers.
- Avoid loading unprocessed file lists on exit.

DC++ 0.770:

- Update zlib to version 1.2.5.
- Documentation and translations updated as usual.
- Fixed bugs.

DC++ 0.762:

- User commands are available in main chat.
- If you redownload an already opened file list, it’ll be refreshed.
- Font style is correctly applied to chat windows.
- Count of ADC hubs will be correctly reported in the DC++ tag from now.
- Fixed bugs.