- Remove Go2Album service.
- Fix some minor bugs.


- No data.


- Video stabilization to correct shaky footage.
- Flying Objects now includes romantic themes.
- Ultra HD resolution option added to project settings.
- Ability to convert video to MOV with MJPEG codec.
- Option for parallel CPU and NVIDIA CUDA GPU conversion.
- Improved output quality when converting to GIF.
- Added support for iTunes 12.1.
- Fixed issue with CUDA support on some PCs.
- Improvements and bug fixes in main program modules – Video Editor, Video Converter, and Screen Capture.

CC 2014.1 8.1.0 Build 81:

- Search bins: Create media bins based on project metadata search criteria. Search bins automatically update as relevant content is added to the project.
- Consolidate & Transcode: Consolidate content by moving all relevant files in a project or sequence according to preferences you define. Render files into a single codec for passing on to other teams, systems, or archives — and retain the ability to edit the project again later.
- Multi-project workflows: Browse media and sequences from other projects and import them directly in your current project. Edit or reuse existing clips, cuts, and transitions from previous projects. Browse other projects in as many Media Browser panels as you need.
- GoPro CineForm intermediate codec support: Encode or decode your media to GoPro CineForm for efficient editing workflows with 4K and higher resolution content, and get support for smart rendering.
- Refined user interface with HiDPI support: A simplified, modern UI puts the focus on your content and delivers a more consistent experience across devices, including HiDPI Windows 8.1 displays.
- Source Monitor Timeline view: Open Source Monitor sequences in the Timeline so you can easily bring clips, effects, and cuts from other projects into your current project.
- GPU-optimized playback: Get smooth playback performance with GPU-based debayering of Phantom Cine and Canon RAW footage, and work faster with improved masking and tracking performance.
- Improved AAF export to DAWs: A more robust AAF exporter enables smoother workflows between Premiere Pro and DAW systems.
- Render & Replace for After Effects comps: Accelerate playback of VFX-heavy sequences by rendering After Effects compositions into flattened video clips. Dynamic Link ensures that you can revert back to the original comps if needed.
- Enhanced masking and tracking: Adjust mask feathering directly in the Program Monitor. Use the new free-draw Polygon Pen tool to create complex mask shapes around content and turn any mask control point into a Bezier control point with a single click.
- Advanced search in Timeline: Find and select clips within a sequence based on specific criteria such as clip name or marker comment.
- Auto-updating clip names and labels: Clip names and label colors now update automatically. Plus, changes made to a clip in the Project panel will ripple to all instances used in sequences, and vice versa.
- Improved Send to Audition workflow: Now when you send a clip to Adobe Audition for audio editing, the rendered copy is automatically stored alongside the original file on disk for easier media management.
- Improved master clip effects: New Timeline indicators show whether a master clip effect has been applied to a sequence clip, and the Effects Control panel makes it easy to navigate back to the master clip effect for editing.