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Discord is a new take on free voice and text communication of gamers. After installing the program on your PC, you will be able to create voice conferences online, private chats, exchange various files.

The program can be launched through your browser or through different platforms. If you install Discord not only on the computer but also on your Android device, then you will be able to contact your friends from any place which has Internet connection.

The program’s interface is multilingual (supports more than 20 languages). It is simple to use and has only relevant tabs and control elements that are very intuitive.

You can set hotkeys to such commands as push to talk, push to mute, microphone on/off, mute/unmute, voice recognition option, streamer mode on/off, overlay on/off. The number and variety of hotkeys combinations is unlimited. User can choose either of the keys combinations by himself.

Using the search option, you can find the needed messages in public text chats or among private messages. The filter system makes the search process more efficient when you can limit the data range to the messages of a certain user, to the user name mentioning in the text, presence of attached files (not more than 8 Mb) or links, particular date or time before or after that. If you have several servers, then choose the search action in one of the channels.

User will permanently get messages if gamers continue speaking in the chat. In order to not get distracted by that, you can limit the number of notifications, change the sound. If the program is installed on your phone too, it is possible to turn notifications off when you’re not at your computer.

Discord’s servers are located in Brazil, China, the USA, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Japan, Europe and other countries. The partners of the program can choose powerful servers. Adjusting the server, you should pay attention to the parameters of the voice and text channels and such tabs as Review, Modernization, Audit Log, Integration, Participants, Invitation, Bans, etc.

You can change the status of your profile. Like in many other programs, you can set the OnlineOffline status, Active, Invisible, or you can notify others when you start your live broadcast on Twitch.

The program has functions that are hidden from common users (screen resolution 1080p 30 fps, 720p 60 fps, animated smiles and avatars, increased allowed size of attached files up to 50 MB, etc). They are available only for those who paid for the “Nitro” subscription.

Pros of Discord

The main advantage of the program is the ability to communicate online with your friends-gamers while playing including the support of the voice, text and video chats.

You can exchange messages in the general chats as well as in the private chats in a single client from one or several servers. There is an ability to send links and attach different files. Push-messages and hotkeys add convenience to such communication.

Discord supports integration with YouTube, Facebook, Gaming, Twitch and other popular networks, makes friends search faster. You can send a link-invitation to your friends by just clicking on one of the elements in the program window. Taking into consideration that the program has millions of fans, you will find not only your old friends but will also get to know new ones.

The interface supports more than 20 languages and attracts users from all over the world.

The program is known for its stability and is free of charge. Despite that the developers work on paid functions, they claim that the general functions will stay free.

Besides that, Discord is protected from the DDoS attacks and allows to use two-factor authentication and choose one of the five verification levels.


Most of the users’ reviews are positive but the main cons are certain paid functions, unstable performance on the Windows XP platform. The number of participants in the general chat could be bigger.


If you are an active gamer but didn’t have an opportunity to test Discord, hurry up! It easily combines the functions of many complex programs and the most important is that it’s free of charge, multilingual and multiplatform program for voice, video and text communication between gamers of the whole world.


  • use the link on our website to download the file called DiscordSetup.exe that contains the software;
  • open the file and launch the installation;
  • undergo the short sign up process;
  • now you can use Discord.


Changes in recent version

Author: Discord
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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