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DiskCheckup is a free hard drives status monitor for desktop. The program is free for personal use. Speaking about companies and corporations, the developers offer them the license for a modest price.

The main task of the HDD monitor is to assess hard drive’s degree of reliability in its current state, show possible weak sides of the device and failures in its performance. For this purpose, the software uses the SMART technology and allows system administrator to get information about health status of his own magnetic media with the help of numerous program indicators.

Using the program’s tools, you can obtain detailed information about the hard drive composition. DiskCheckup is able to display HDD’s geometry, its ID, serial number, list of the supported functions as well as average and maximal duration of data reading and writing.

Besides that, the developers make emphasis on another option, precisely capability of DiskCheckup to read and set the size for hidden areas such as HPA and DCO which are restricted for user in usual conditions. As a result, the mentioned areas can be permanently deleted with service content release.


  • The product is distributed for free.
  • Capable of displaying the disk’s geometry.
  • Capable of finding and deleting hidden areas of the device, such as HPA and DCO.
  • Analysis of the HDD’s status using the SMART technology and program indicators monitoring.
  • Supports the options of fast and advanced disk self-testing.
  • HDD temperature measurement.


  • The program’s interface is outdated.
  • No hints and detailed descriptions of one or another action in progress.


The software works correctly not causing OS glitching but small range of functions and parameters does not allow using DiskCheckup for many tasks as the main PC components monitoring tool.

Changes in recent version

Author: PassMark® Software
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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