Dr.Web LiveDisk 9.0.0 [18.05.2022]

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Dr.Web LiveDisk

Dr.Web LiveDisk is a bootable disk that contains the most important utility programs from the Dr.Web company and serves to restore system files, emergency backup, search for viruses, spyware and other malware in case of failure during the main OS loading. The tool is distributed for free. People can use both versions of the image – for CD/DVD and further launch using a CD-ROM drive, or for USB flash drives.

The main purpose of Dr.Web LiveDisk is to recover operating system’s booting ability that was limited because of infection, deletion or transfer of the system files to quarantine by mistake by antivirus software or viruses themselves, worms, trojans and ransomware. That is why LiveDisk has special tools of antivirus protection with up-to-date signature versions that can be updated via Internet.

In case it is not possible to recover OS, Dr.Web LiveDisk offers all the necessary tools for copying important files and documents from the hard drive, such as “Commander” and file manager. If any kind of problems occur that are related to the access rights, removable media mounting or other components of the system, the Dr.Web’s emergency mode provides you with the command line.

Besides the above listed tools, there is a notepad, screenshot creator, Wine configurator, disk space analyzer, registry editor and system monitor (aka task manager). You can search for any kind of information in the Internet using the web browser and the in-built vocabulary will help you to translate the content into your native language.

The elements of the Dr.Web’s emergency OS are arranged in a similar way like in Windows. Also, the user can manually adjust the preferences, such as date and time, network connection, input and output devices, etc.


  • The software is distributed for free.
  • Open source software in the package.
  • In-built antivirus.
  • Browser.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Supports the command line and the registry editor.
  • User-friendly interface. Some of the most frequently used elements are placed on the desktop for quick access.
  • Low system requirements. The disk works on almost any PC.


  • Relatively small number of system components.


Dr.Web LiveDisc is a perfect solution for system administrators and customer support staff. But the software will most probably serve only as a supplement to the existing recovery tools but will not replace them. In the end, the performance quality of the package will be determined by the user’s skills and the Dr.Web’s antivirus efficiency.


At the stage of loading of the emergency OS, mouse or other cursor manipulator like touchpad may not work. In this case, all control should be conducted with the help of the keyboard.

Changes in recent version

Author: Doctor Web
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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