Dropbox 66.4.84:

  • Improve grouping of notifications for files that were edited by multiple users at the same time.
  • Fix rare issue that sometimes prevents the tray from showing up when clicked.
  • Slightly increase the stability of the desktop app.

Dropbox 65.4.177:

  • Some users will be able to right click on a syncing file and prioritize it.
  • Some users will be able to view additional details on files that have sync issues.

Dropbox 64.4.141:

  • XFCE. Tested on Xubuntu 18.04 and Xubuntu 14.04.
  • LXDE. Tested on Lubuntu 18.04.
  • Gnome Flashback. Tested on Ubuntu 18.04.
  • MATE. Tested on Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Gnome on Fedora 29 with the “(K)StatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support” extension and libappindicator installed. (Note, the “TopIcons Plus” extension worked previously, and still works.)
  • Upgrade Python to version 3.6.
  • Fix a rare issue where the tray panel that opens when the tray icon is clicked is sometimes blank.
  • Fix some accessibility issues with preferences panel.
  • Enable position independent executable on Linux.
  • Fix a bug where some users that unlinked a paired account would be unable to interact with Dropbox until the app restarted.

Dropbox 63.4.107:

  • Fix an issue that prevented Smart Sync online only files from being opened on Windows.

Dropbox 63.4.100:

  • Fix a rare crash.
  • Fix an issue on Windows where the title for file system warnings was sometimes cut off.
  • Fix a rare issue on Mac where Smart Sync incorrectly synced all files as local when signing in on a new machine.
  • Improve startup speed on Windows.

Dropbox 62.4.103:

  • Users with paired accounts can now use Camera Uploads with either account.
  • Minor sync status UI improvements.
  • Improve filesystem detection on Linux.
  • Fix a bug where we incorrectly detected home directory as read-only, which prevented some users from moving their Dropbox folder into it.
  • Fix a bug where file move or rename showed a confusing notification in some cases.
  • Reduce the CPU usage for some users on OSX who have Smart Sync enabled but cannot use Smart Sync.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Dropbox 60.4.107:

  • Fixed rare errors on Mac where Smart Sync files couldn’t be downloaded.
  • Minor improvements to the Dropbox badge’s position responsiveness.
  • Fixed minor type in preferences.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Dropbox 59.4.93:

  • Minor UI update to the Dropbox badge on Mac.
  • Improved Dropbox badge responsiveness after closing a window on Mac.
  • Fixed errors when opening certain Online-Only (Smart Sync) files.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Dropbox 58.4.92:

  • Desktop Camera Upload was re-importing High Efficiency format photos from iOS devices that had previously been imported via the Dropbox iOS app. This has been fixed.
  • The splash screen for the first use of Desktop Camera Upload incorrectly showed "Never for This Device" on the opt-out button -- it now correctly shows "Don't Ask Again", reflecting that opting out on the first usage will prevent prompts for any other devices connected in the future.
  • Minor improvements to the auto-updater.
  • Fix performance regression on smart sync placeholder format migration on APFS.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Dropbox 57.4.89:

  • Fixed a rare bug where warnings were incorrectly shown for complex file moves.
  • Highlight Dropbox Badge error messages in red in Dropbox’s preferences.
  • Fixed Dropbox Badge to work on macOS Mojave.
  • Other minor fixes.

Dropbox 56.4.94:

  • Fix Dropbox icon on Ubuntu 18.04 with Unity to use libappindicator
  • Avoid popping up a permissions dialog when changing the name of Dropbox folder on macOS Mojave.
  • Fix minor issue with smart sync interacting with antivirus on initial login
  • Other minor fixes.

Dropbox 24.4.17:

— The Dropbox application now supports connecting on networks that utilize IPv6 addressing. Should your internal network operate with IPv6 addresses then the desktop application will recognize this and operate within this environment. If, for any reason, the network were to change to using IPv4 addressing then we would continue to operate.
— In the event that you are running a dual-stack IP implementation and both IPv6 and IPv4 are available, Dropbox will take the IPv6 network by default but may take IPv4 in situations where IPv6 addresses are slow to resolve.
— We’ve recently released drag and drop features for columns and rows in Paper tables. Now you can reorganize your tables without having to copy/paste the content!
— Raw photo previews.
— Dropbox now previews raw photos on the web, iOS, and Android apps. We support previews for multiple file type extensions.
— New Dropbox web with enhanced UI.
— To make dropbox.com even better and easier to use, we’re rolling out an updated design.

Dropbox 23.4.18:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 23.4.17:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 19.4.13:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 11.4.22:

- Many improvements and fixes.

Dropbox 11.4.21:

- Many improvements and fixes.

Dropbox 11.4.20:

- Many improvements and fixes.

Dropbox 6.4.30:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.20.1:

- Many improvements and fixes.

Dropbox 3.16.1:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.14.5:

- Upgrade to Qt 5.5.
- Many small fixes and improvements.

Dropbox 3.12.6:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.12.5:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.12.4:

- New functionality for the badge.
- View if the document is shared, and change sharing permissions.
- Email file from the badge.
- Comments notifications.
- Support for Windows 10 Enterprise Data Protection.
- Changes to how the client runs before a user signs in.
- Reduced memory usage.
- Many small fixes and improvements.

Dropbox 3.10.11:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.10.8:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.10.7:

- Double clicking the Dropbox icon in the System Tray opens the Dropbox folder on Windows.
- Improved network utilization on downloads for fast internet connections.
- More hiding options for the Badge - now you can hide with a click for one window. To bring it back, simply reopen the file.
- Easily move files into Dropbox with the Badge [this option appears on saving a file, and is being rolled out to a subset of users]
- Now, for shared files, the Badge notifies you if your collaborators made changes since the last time you opened the file [this is being rolled out to a subset of users]
- The view comments context menu option in File Explorer now opens a dedicated comments window instead of taking you to the Dropbox website.
- New onboarding after signing into an account during a new install.
- Sign into dropbox.com when you’re signed into the desktop client. (1)
- Fixed issue syncing files with certain versions of AutoCAD.
- Upgraded to Python 2.7.10.
- Many small fixes and improvements.
- Fix issues with inconsistent LAN sync performance.

Dropbox 3.8.9:

- Mac OS X 10.11 support.
- Camera Upload is now enabled for OS X 10.11.

Dropbox 3.8.8:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.8.6:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.8.5:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.8.4:

- Windows & OS X: Optional Gmail integration.
- Windows & Linux: Upgrade to Qt 5.4.
- Upgraded compilers.
- Small tweaks to the selective sync UI.
- Show the Dropbox badge on Preview for Mac.
- Windows 10 support.

Dropbox 3.6.8:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.6.7:

- Better proxy support in Dropbox Update.
- Other small fixes.

Dropbox 3.6.6:

- Improve messaging when Dropbox Update stops working.
- Other small fixes.

Dropbox 3.4.6:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.4.5:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.4.4:

- Minor bug fixes when syncing files.
- Open from web: locally open a file on your computer from Dropbox.com.

Dropbox 3.4.3:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.2.9:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.2.7:

- Re-enable support for older Windows machines without SSE2.
- Fix for a rare issue that caused high CPU usage on Windows.
- Other minor fixes.

Dropbox 3.2.6:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.2.3:

- Updated translations.

Dropbox 3.0.5:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.0.4:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 3.0.3:

- Fixed Bugs.

Dropbox 2.10.30:

- Update Codesigning to be compatible with OS X 10.9.5 and later.
- Minor bug fixes.

Dropbox 2.10.27:

- More support for view-only permissions in shared folders (not yet launched).
- Fix for inheritable permissions issue on Windows.
- Minor bug fixes.

Dropbox 2.10.3:

- Fixed Bugs.