Setting up eMule. Display. Setting up eMule. Display.

Setting up eMule. Display.

Progressbar Style
The slider affects the amount of 3D shading of the progress bars shown in the Transfers screen.

Tool tip delay time [sec.]
If the mouse hovers on a download a little note will appear with information on this download. This option specifies the delay until this tip pops up in seconds.

Minimize to system tray
eMule has two ways of minimizing. The first is minimizing to the system tray (the little icons next to the clock), the other is minimizing to the task bar. By enabling this option you tell eMule to always minimize to the system tray. If this option is disabled a second minimize button will be added to the title bar, allowing you to minimize both to the task bar and to the system tray.

Show percentage of download completion in progress bar
A %-completed value will be added for each download in its progress bar.

Show transfer rates on title
Displays current Up- and Download speed in eMule's window title.

Show download info on category tabs
Will display two values (x/y) after a category's name. The first value (x) is the number of currently active (downloading) files and the second one (y) the total number of files for this category.

Auto clear completed downloads
eMule shows finished downloads with a green progress bar. This option will remove them from the downloads list automatically.

Show additional toolbar on transfer window
This option toggles whether or not certain icons will appear in the Transfer screen. They allow quick toggling through various display modes.

- Split view. Showing all files in the download list and the uploading clients list.

- Show only files in the download list .

- Show current uploads in progress.

- Show currently downloading files.

- Shows the upload queue.

- Displays all known clients.

Save CPU and Memory Usage

The following options are available to reduce the resources eMule requires to run.

Disable Known Clients List
eMule keeps track of all clients it connected to. To save memory this list can be disabled with this option. Turn it off for low memory systems.

Disable Queue List
Similar to the Known Clients List the Queue List will also consume system resources. Disable to save them.

Do not update Queue list in real time
The information displayed in the queue list will be updated not as often which will save some CPU time.

Do not recreate statistics graphs on resize
eMule may shortly freeze when the statistics window is resized. This is caused by redrawing the graphs with saved data. If this option is checked, the graphs will not be recreated and start new.

Select Font
This button opens a dialog to choose the font, style and color of the text displayed in the server, messages and IRC windows.

Auto completion (History function)
The history saves all user entries from the search, Kademlia bootstrap IP, server update URL and IP filter update URL fields and offers to complete the entry if it finds something suitable in the saved entries.

Reset button
The Enabled checkmark allows to turn off this option and the Reset button will clear all entries.