Setting up eMule. General. Setting up eMule. General.

Setting up eMule. General.

User name

Fill in the name you would like other users to see.


Choose the language that you want eMule to use from the drop down list.


Beep on errors
If an error or file corruption is encountered the PC speaker will beep to alert you.

Bring to front on link click
eMule uses the eD2k network. Part of the eD2k specification are special hyperlinks which can be used to easily add downloads and servers to your client. This option allows you to change eMule's behaviour when you click such a link. Enabling this option brings the eMule window to the front when you click a link, disabling it just makes eMule flash in the taskbar.

Prompt on exit
A message box will appear on closing eMule asking for confirmation if you enable this option.

Enable Online-Signature
A small file named onlinesig.dat will be written in eMule directory. This file has the following format:

[Online status]|[Connected Server]|[IP:port]
[Current Download]|[Current Upload]|[Users on queue]

This information can be send to web space via Dra.:.god's Online Signature tool or be processed in any way. In the future further functions may be added.

Enable MiniMule
MiniMule is a small window containing basic facts about eMule such as connection status, upload speed, download speed, number of completed files and free space. To open MiniMule first you minimize eMule to the system tray (next to the clock), then click the eMule icon once.


Button: Edit Webservices
The internet offers some web based services like search engines for the network. These web services can be used directly from within eMule. To configure them the file webservices.dat in eMule's install folder has to be edited. The button Edit Webservices gives quick access to this file.

Ed2k Button"
Press this button to associate eMule with the eDonkey2000 web link format for downloads and servers in Windows and Internet Explorer. If they are already associated with eMule this button will be disabled. You may need to configure this manually for other web browsers.


Check for new Version
If this option is checked eMule will look for a newer version on each start up. The slider sets the update interval for the version check. When a newer version is found you can download it on To upgrade eMule simply install the new version in the same folder your current eMule is in. All settings and downloads will be automatically used by the new version.

Show Splash screen
Shows a nice splash on start up of eMule if checked.

Start minimized
This will start eMule as a tray icon.

Start with Windows
This will start eMule as soon as you log onto your Windows desktop.