Setting up eMule. Notification. Setting up eMule. Notification.

Setting up eMule. Notification.

Notifications are triggered on specific events, displaying a neat little graphic as a pop-up in lower right corner of the screen, playing a sound or even talking to you.

The pop-up will even appear when watching movies or playing games.

Pop up messages

No sound
This is the default. No sound event is played, the notification is only displayed visually.

Test Button
This button will test all settings below, including the Email Notifications.

Play sound
Will play the sound file that is entered in the box below upon triggering a notification. Use the Browse button to enter an arbitrary *.wav file.

Speak notification message
This option uses the Microsoft Text-To-Speech engine that is available on modern operating systems. The controls are greyed out if this feature is not supported by your operating system. Microsoft offers additional speech packages in various languages.

Pop out when

Log entry added
Everything that will appear in Servers -> Log will be displayed as pop up.

Chat session started
On start of a new session in Messages.

Chat messages received
This event is triggered when a new chat message is received. The Icon-icon in the status bar also alerts of this.

Download added
This event triggers whenever a download is added via web/irc link or search.

Download finished
Notification for a completed download. There may also be an additional notification by email. See below.

New eMule version detected
A notification pops up if eMule detects a new version.

Urgent: Out of disk space, server connection lost
Urgent: Out of disk space, server connection lost These two conditions are matters that may require your attention as soon as possible. If disk space is used up, download status will be set to pause or in the case of a already completed file error. The progress changes to a yellow and black striped bar in this case. If the server connection is lost, eMule will attempt to reconnect to another server in most cases.

Email notifications

For the events marked with an asterisk (*) an email can be send as notification. Check the Enable Email Notifications and provide the following information to use this feature.

SMTP Server
This is the server that will be responsible for sending the mail. Usually you have no local SMTP server running, so you have to provide either the server of your ISP or the one of a free mail service like GMX. Most SMTP servers will require authentication (a username and password) to send mails. This is done to protect the server from being abused as a public relay by spammers. Currently eMule does not yet offer the possibility of submitting authentication information to an SMTP server.

To successfully use this feature, enter an SMTP server and in the following boxes provide mail addresses that belong to this server. You may find that your ISP's SMTP server has less stringent restrictions, as you can be identified by having a connection from the ISP's network.

Recipient address
The address to which the mail will be send. It is recommended to use a mail address which belongs to the SMTP server entered above.

Sender address
This is the address from which the mail appears to be send. As per the recipient address it is also recommended to use on belonging to the SMTP server.