Setting up eMule. Scheduler. Setting up eMule. Scheduler.

Setting up eMule. Scheduler.

The scheduler allows you to automate some of the administration tasks you can perform within eMule. It could be used for raising up- and download during night time whereas the bandwidth remains free for other applications during working time.

The scheduler works by creating action profiles with one or more actions to perform at a set time or weekday. The first list box shows the created Profiles with Title, Days to perform the actions and its Start Time. A chosen profile shows the defined actions and time settings in the Details area.

Activates the whole scheduler

Deletes the highlighted action profile

Creates a new action profile. New profiles are automatically displayed in the Details view to make the appropriate settings.


This area shows the current settings and actions for the chosen action profile.

This checkbox activates the chosen profile. One or more profiles can be activated at any time.

Title or description of the profile.

Actions can be performed daily or only on certain days of the week. Each action also has to have a Starting Time and Ending Time. If no action is valid at a given time, eMule automatically uses the default settings from the other Preferences dialogs.

Creating Actions in a Profile

First a new profile has to be created by the pressing the New button. After entering a Title, Starting and Ending Time for the profile new actions are created by the right mouse button menu in the Action list.


Creates a new action in the chosen profile. After choosing which type of action to create a message pops ups up. Set the appropriate value for the action to change:

- Upload Limit. Defines the maximum upload bandwidth in KB/s eMule may use.
- Download Limit. Sets the maximum download bandwidth in KB/s eMule may use.
- Limit sources. Changes the number of sources allowed (Hard Limit) for a download.
- Limit connections/5secs. Changes the number of new connections created in 5 seconds. This value may have a serious impact on eMule's performance.
- Max. Connections. Overrides the maximum number of connections from Preferences -> Connections. .
- Cat: Stop Downloads. This actions stops all downloads in the chosen Category.
- Cat: Resume Downloads. Resumes all stopped downloads in the given Category.

All changes in a profile's settings must be confirmed by the Apply button.

Changes the value for the selected action.

Deletes the chosen action.