Setting up eMule. Statistics. Setting up eMule. Statistics.

Setting up eMule. Statistics.


Update delay
Determines how often the graphs are refreshed. Setting this value too low, which will result in very fast update, can have an impact on CPU usage.

Time for average graph
By default the average graphs are calculated from the values of the last 5 minutes. This is a long term performance indicator.

Choose which part of the statistic display to modify from the drop down list then use the color selector to apply the color. Even the color of the little speed indicator next to eMule's tray icon can be changed.

Connections Statistics Y-Axis Scale
In the Stats tab directly below the details statistic tree is a graph indicating the currently active connections and number of up- and downloads. This graph is usually scaled from 0 to 100 but this setting allows to change it, thus increasing or decreasing the resolution of the graph.

Active Connections Ratio
Depending on the internet connections and settings the number of active connections is very dynamic but usually above 100. To display the entire connections graph this setting can be used to scale it down. For example, a factor of 1:4 will divide the number of active connections by 4 before displaying this value as the graph.

Statistic Tree

Update delay
Refresh interval of the detailed statistic list. See Update delay in Graphs for a note on CPU usage.