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EVEREST Ultimate Edition

EVEREST Ultimate Edition is a utility that provides detailed information on the technical condition of PC hardware and software components. It provides a more complete system diagnostics in comparison with analogues.

EVEREST Ultimate Edition analyzes the configuration of the computer and gives a user a report on all the devices implemented in the system, their characteristics, capabilities, manufacturers as well as all installed software. In addition to providing system information, this utility is used to test the hardware module in real time.

Key features of EVEREST Ultimate Edition:

- Providing accurate and detailed data on equipment.
- Supporting for more than 100,000 devices.
- Detecting all software installed in the OS (programs, licenses, drivers, processes, security updates, etc.)
- Informing about drivers that were incorrectly installed or needing to be updated.
- Links to the latest version of drivers.
- Computer equipment monitoring.
- Demonstrating information on the temperature and energy state of the system at any time.
- Testing the PC hardware configuration.
- Collecting data on processor performance by running several benchmarking tests (solving a chess problem with queens; performing operations with RGB images, etc.).
- System stability checking.
- Visualizing the computer behavior under specially created stress conditions to identify the weakest of its components.
- Preventing the PC from overheating and malfunctioning during the operation of equipment.
- Compiling a detailed report textually as well as in HTML or MHTML format.

Changes in recent version

Author: Lavalys Consulting Group, Inc.
Price: $39.95
Windows: XP, Vista, 7

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