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ExperienceIndexOK is an utility program that helps to assess Windows-based PC performance level. The program is free and was developed for Windows 8.1 and 10 which performance tests are no longer run using the graphical interface but the command prompt.

ExperienceIndexOK uses the same method of system performance index calculation that was created by the Microsoft team back in the time when Windows Vista was in the development process. Thus, this utility program, in fact, is an analogue of the familiar hardware comparison method in the terms of the Windows operating systems.

In its ten-point grading scale the program uses only several basic indexes such as number of processor operations per second, storage references per second, data transfer speed of the hard drive and graphical subsystem efficiency in games and in the desktop display mode. The final result is determined by the lowest (the worst) index of the mentioned characteristics. Along with that, user should remember that the performance index limit in Windows 7 equals 7.9.

Saving the results can be done with the help of the in-built function of screenshot taking where the OS version and capacity are shown as well as the date and time of the tests.

The interface of ExperienceIndexOK resembles the “System” category of the Windows control panel. The main part of the main window contains the table where PC characteristics and relative performance indexes are displayed from left and right, respectively. Additionally, the program provides user with a quick access to the Control panel categories with the help of several links in the horizontal menu.


  • Free of charge.
  • Performance assessment can be made from the point of view of the Windows developers.
  • User-friendly interface that does not require any additional changes.
  • The In-built tool for screenshot taking.
  • The program can be launched without its previous installation on the hard drive.


  • System performance assessment is based on its weakest component.
  • Questionable objectivity of the offered test.


In fact, ExperienceIndexOK offers only convenient display of the system test results without necessity to launch and enter commands in the PowerShell environment. At that, there is certain incorrectness of the program performance that is reflected, for example, in the highest grades for the processor-integrated video cards in the game mode.

Besides that, such performance tests are hardly enforced by the real indexes and numbers as they do not allow to analyze the system’s performance under various continuous loads.

Changes in recent version

Author: Nenad Hrg
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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