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Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer Edition is a fast browser for Windows PCs that has powerful features and is mainly aimed at developers. This version of browser has been significantly improved and is now faster, lighter and more powerful than ever.

The browser will be an ideal solution for web developers, as it has advanced functionality and has many tools that contribute to a more comfortable development. Previously, developer had to use third-party programs, browser extensions and various online services to test and debug web projects. Thanks to Firefox Developer Edition, all the necessary manipulations can be done in one tool.

Features and benefits of Firefox Developer Edition

  • Integrated development environment WebIDE.
  • The ability to remotely debug applications.
  • The ability to check the source code of the page and edit HTML and CSS code directly from the browser with viewing changes in real time.
  • Having a comprehensive JavaScript debugger that can work with multiple browsers,
  • Availability of a development and debugging tool for applications in various browsers and devices.
  • The presence of a tool for testing Web audio API in real time, which is especially useful for resources with audio topics.
  • Possibility of simultaneous use of Mozilla Firefox and Firefox Developer Edition.
  • Updated look and feel thanks to a new user interface.

Changes in recent version

Author: Mozilla
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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