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FL Studio is a digital music editing studio.‭ ‬It is one of few applications that allow making truly high-quality and professional musical compositions.

FL Studio allows composing,‭ ‬arranging,‭ ‬recording,‭ ‬editing and mixing audio tracks.‭ ‬The software also includes a vast library of sample tracks that users can expand with their own samples.

Key features of FL Studio

  • ‭‬Support for several MIDI inputs.
  • ‭‬Support for the sustain pedal.
  • ‭‬The Smart Find feature for quickly finding any track,‭ ‬instrument or effect.
  • ‭‬A decent number of plugins.
  • ‭‬A large number of free presets.
  • ‭‬Ability to create patterns for each instrument.
  • ‭‬Coloring patterns in different colors using the special brush tool.
  • ‭‬Editing tracks using Keyboard Editor,‭ ‬Pattern Mode or Playlist.
  • ‭‬All instruments and samplers can work in stereo mode.
  • ‭‬Mixer with fine-tuned settings.
  • ‭‬Recording and mixing of audio and MIDI tracks.
  • ‭‬Finished tracks can be saved as WAV,‭ ‬MP3,‭ ‬OGG files.
  • ‭‬Composing tracks from separate clips in Playlist.
  • ‭‬Synthesis and playback of music by generators.
  • ‭‬Unlimited number of generators in a composition.
  • ‭‬Unique sound in each generator.
  • ‭‬Programming of note scores for generators and their recording in Piano roll.‭
  • Sequencing of patterns in the required order.
  • ‭‬Ability to editing the audio of each generator using numerous Effect Plugins.
  • ‭‬Ability to load any VST or DXi plugin and use them as generators.

Changes in recent version

Author: Image Line Software BVBA
Price: $99.00
Windows: 8, 10

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