FL Studio


FL Studio 20.0.4 Build 629:

  • ZGE Visualizer: maximum layer count increased from 50 to 100.
  • ZGE Visualizer: new "Solo layer" feature to quickly test a single layer.
  • Delete function for effect plugins doesn't work for 3rd party plugins.
  • Pattern clips in the PL are not updated properly when the patterns are transposed.
  • Previous versions crash when a sample is stretched.
  • Show in browser doesn't work for some files (for example: FPC's scores).
  • FPC: "Online content" option shows old local content library instead of new online one.
  • Fruity Free Filter: filter type is incorrect when loading settings that were saved in FL 12.5.x.
  • Plugin Manager: dll files that aren't VST plugins are shown as plugins with a scan error.
  • Patcher: adjusting bandwidth with the mouse wheel in Parametric EQ 2 doesn't work.
  • Patcher: keyboard input in some plugins doesn't work.
  • Patcher: no tooltips in hint bar when hovering plugin controls.
  • Wrapper: incorrect audio time stamp provided to AU plugins.

FL Studio 20.0.3 Build 532:

  • Added "Record to step sequencer" option to record button.
  • DirectWave: full sample filename is shown on sample tab.
  • ZGE Visualizer: added "Uncompressed" to the video export options.
  • Fixed Bugs.

FL Studio 20.0.1 Build 455:

  • Updated FL Studio Mobile to version 3.1.9.
  • PDC incorrectly calculated when the Master Mixer channel is selected and audio clips were sent to master (in some cases).
  • "Add to plugin database" doesn't work when a browser snapshot without the plugin database is open.
  • Consolidation of playlist tracks shouldn't work if the whole track or the selection is muted.
  • Crash dragging items from the picker panel to the playlist.
  • Loop recording can be sluggish.
  • Mouse cursor is in wrong position when moving multiple clips in the playlist and notes in the piano roll.
  • Mouse cursor is laggy when it's over the graph editor in Windows 7 and 8.
  • "Purge unused clips " doesn't affect all arrangements.
  • Saving a channel state can result in an "Unable to create directory" error.
  • "Select unused" in the playlist will also select clips that are used as regular sampler channels.
  • Toolbar is not correct at 150% scaling.
  • Edison: space bar triggers playback in FL instead of Edison when the mouse is held down in Edison.
  • Fruity Delay: settings are not applied when loading a preset or project.
  • Fruity Delay: keeps processing when it's reset (stop button pressed twice).
  • Fruity Limiter and Maximus: incorrect latency when loaded from the Installed section of the database.
  • Patcher: no thumbnail shown for plugins even though there is a thumbnail in the plugin database.
  • VFX Level Scaler: display isn't updated properly when animations are off.
  • Video Player: can be smart disabled while it shouldn't.

FL Studio 20.0 Build 445:

  • Main pitch knob pauses at every 100 cents.
  • FL Studio ASIO's "Hard clip at 0 dB" option is now on by default.
  • Scroll lock key state is no longer changed when toggling the auto-scroll toolbar button.
  • Many other additions, changes and corrections.

FL Studio 12.5.1 Build 165:

  • Bug fixes version.
  • Plugin scan error (mostly when doing a fast scan after a plugin had been added).
  • Plugin Manager: verified plugin scans terminating due to the FL Studio VSTi (multi) .Beepmap: freeze when clicking the COPY button on Beepmap.
  • FPC: wrong pad affected when changing color and icon.
  • Patcher: crash when changing icon in an FPC instance.
  • MIDI Out: pitch bend from earlier versions is processed incorrectly.
  • FPC: colors and icons on pads aren't updated correctly when changing banks.

FL Studio 12.5.1 Build 5:

- Mixer - Closed Mixer left/right panels can be opened when mixer tracks are assigned to them.
- General Settings - 'Auto name effects' option is off, by default.
- Playlist - Hold 'Shift' while dropping an item onto a Playlist track header, to avoid or force 'auto-lock to content'.
- Control Surface - 'Min' and 'Max' properties can be set using percentages. 'Delete' option will delete all selected controls.
- Formula Controller - Uses FL Help file for syntax, instead of its own custom file.
- Bugfixes and stability improvements.

FL Studio 12.5.0 Build 59:

- Master FX slot is disabled when split mixer tracks is on.
- New "Auto name effect slots" option, separate from "Auto name channels'.
- Can't dock single row panels on both lines next to a double row panel on the bottom dock area.
- Pattern groups aren't loaded.
- Patcher: can't load plugins in some cases.

FL Studio 12.5.0 Build 58:

- Abort of render can crash when restoring enabled mixer tracks.
- Access violation when rendering to a file that's in use by another application.
- Command line rendering doesn't work.
- Deletion of pattern doesn't update channel rack properly.
- Picker panel not always updated when adding a clip.
- DirectWave: crash copying zone properties to all zones.
- DirectWave: Library menu has each item in a submenu.
- Patcher: can't load new Fruity Balance from old settings.