FlashFXP 5.4.0 Build 3970:

- Added a new Character Encoding setting "Strict character encoding" in the Site Manager / Options tab. When checked, FlashFXP will not attempt to detect UTF-8 mixed with non-UTF-8 text. On servers that do not use UTF-8 certain character encodings may incorrectly detect as UTF-8 and as a result garble the text, checking this setting can avoid the issue. We have seen this issue on Xlight FTP server software when using the character encoding Chinese Simplified (GBK/GB2312).
- Fixed: A slow performance startup issue under a remote terminal session when the window state was maximized.
- Change: When running under a remote terminal session we've reduced the amount of memory allowed to be allocated for remote directory caching. The original memory allocation limit was calculated based on a desktop PC and now we a different method for server environments to make FlashFXP more server resource friendly.
- The crash report dialog is now dpi-aware.
- Updated SecureBlackBox library.
- Fixed: In a site profile if the login type was previously set to "Key based" and then changed to "Normal" the previously saved key was still used during authentication and before the password authentication. Now the key authentication is not attempted.

FlashFXP 5.4.0 Build 3965:

- Change: CLI switches -localpath= and -remotepath= now update the file browser panes switching between local/remote views to reflect the defined mode.
- Fixed: After re-connecting to a site that has idle timed out the local browser changes the path to the one stored in the site profile and then back to the current directory, an unnecessary step and as a side effect cleared the item selection.
- Change: I have refactored the way we use input dialog prompts within FlashFXP, This change should eliminate a long standing access violation crash that a few customers have experienced when adding a new site in the Site Manager.


- Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.0e.


- Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.0d/1.0.2k.


- Added Scheduled Task.
- Added: The Remote Edit feature will now automatically retry a failed upload (up to 3 times) before requiring the user to manually retry it.
- Fixed Bugs.


- Updated OpenSSL 1.1.0c
- Tweaked the update/refresh rate of the queue window.
- Changed: When the transfer queue is navigating a folder structure these folders are expanded in the navigation tree pane, now after the queue has completed these expanded folders will automatically collapse.


- Fixed: uninitialized default value for "app.browser.delete.recycle" setting, this caused the default value to be randomly on or off.
- Update: Refactor of the SFTP download routine to reduce CPU usage and improve file transfer speed.
- Update: Made adjustments to the SFTP block and packet sizes for downloads.
- Fixed: The local browser file list control would malfunction if the user clicked the refresh button while an inline edit was in progress, The file list control failed to detect that the edit mode was canceled.
- Fixed: (SFTP/download) The local file handle was not closed after a transfer timeout.


- Fixed: Added a missing busy state check before performing a remote view/edit; this missing check lead to unexpected results if a view/edit operation was already in progress.
- Change: The "Copy to clipboard > URL (with password)" feature now URL encodes the user-name and password.
- Change: Minor UI display changes in the Site Manager > Stats tab, The content now scales based on font size.
- Change: Minor changes to the file transfer engine that should result in a small increase the file transfer speed (FTP, SFTP, and FTPS).
- Updated SecureBlackBox library.
- Change: Minor UI changes to the Custom command editor dialog.
- Change: When using the Edit and Upload feature, FlashFXP will now detect file changes while a transfer queue is in progress and automatically yield the queue to perform the edit upload.
- Change: The default SSH/SFTP cipher order has changed so that the (faster) AES-GSM now take priority over the (slower) chacha20-poly1305.


- Fixed Bugs.


- Fixed: An issue parsing compressed IPv6 addresses when using the IP address dialog with [IPv6]:port pairs.
- Fixed: An issue that prevented renaming files on the remote server when running FlashFXP under Wine.
- Minor change to the Site Manager, the search bar has been reverted back to the top position to make the work-flow and TAB stops more logical.


- Updated: The FlashFXP installer has been updated from InstallAware Studio 15 to InstallAware Studio X4, Now with full Unicode support and SHA256 authenticode code signing.
- Change: The file list is no longer automatically re-sorted after a file rename operation.
- Change: Several text phrases were changed and/or re-worded.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

FlashFXP 5.3.0 Build 3932:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.3.0 Build 3930:

- Updated OpenSSL [1.0.2h]
- Updated SecureBlackBox library.
- Changed the way the OpenSSL library is loaded to ensure that our OpenSSL dlls are used.
- Fixed an issue where two summary log file messages were only logged to file when session logging was enabled. The CanLog() evaluation was incorrectly checking against ltSession and not ltSummary.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

FlashFXP 5.3.0 Build 3929:

- Updated all app services to use a single unified domain for program updates, translation updates/submissions, license key updates, and crash reports.
- Fixed: In some cases program updates downloaded through LiveUpdate incorrectly failed the validation check and were reported as invalid or incomplete.
- Fixed: The custom command macro "/loadstr " was not loading the specified rule set.
- Fixed: The local browser breadcrumb was mangling non-English characters on keyboard input.
- Fixed: Connecting to a FTP+TLS server via a proxy server on listening on with the option "use site IP for passive mode connections" checked didn't work as expected and the proxy IP was used.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3925:

- Improved backup/restore feature; backups now include scheduled tasks and their associated queue files.
- When restoring from a backup there's a new option (unchecked by default) to recreate the scheduled tasks in Windows Task Scheduler.
- Scheduled Tasks: Fixed an issue where repeated tasks would failing to run after Windows OS has been restarted. (Existing tasks must be manually re-saved for the fix to be applied to the scheduled task entry.)
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3918:

- Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2g , OpenSSL Security Advisory [1st March 2016].
- Updated SecureBlackBox library.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3914:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3912:

- Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2f.
- Change: The logic behind the language translation system has changed, user language files (.ulf) are now merged with the master language files (.dlf) at run-time, this new design should resolve issues where user-edits are lost or overwritten by updates to the master language file.
- Fixed: Crash when closing the internal text editor using the ESC key.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3910:

- Fixed Scheduled Task file transfer rules when using "Use custom rules" the setting were reverted back to use "Use existing rules" when editing the task.
- Updated SecureBlackBox to latest version.
- Added lock icon overlay to Site Manager; this serves as an indicator to identify if the site the is configured to use an encrypted connection.
- Fixed issue with the local file browser sometimes displaying a empty file-list after restoring FlashFXP from the system tray.
- Fixed issue with the way symbolic links were resolved to files using a set of common file extensions. The routine didn't work as expected. This resulted in some symbolic links to folders incorrectly showing as symbolic links to files.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3905:

- Fixed issue where the ca_root.pem file was stored in the wrong location.
- Updated SecureBlackBox to latest version.
- Minor speed improvement for FTP and FTP SSL/TLS uploads, in rare cases where the upload speeds were extremely slow to begin with.
- Fixed issue importing sites from FileZilla with base64 encoded passwords.
- Fixed flawed data sanitizing when importing sites from external data sources. CR and LF characters was not being stripped from certain data fields and this caused importing to fail.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3903:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3901:

- Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2e
- Fixed an issue with SFTP uploads + Preserve file date/time and the way the file transfer rules are evaluated, the millisecond part of the date/time was being skewed and this could result in the new file having a date/time that is 1 second newer than the original. When in fact the date/time should of been identical.
- Fixed goofy sorting in the local browser when sorting by type, date, or size columns and sub-sorting items with the same type, date, size.
- Fixed issue with "Confirm file replace" dialog, it flashes the taskbar/window to notify the user but in some cases if the user pressed enter quickly the visual notification did not stop when the dialog closed.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3900:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3897:

- Added new "type" column to the remote file list that can be toggled via right-clicking the header.
- The file list columns can now be re-ordered by drag/drop on the column header.
- Fixed file transfer error in mutex handling (regression) when attempting to transfer the same file in multiple instances of FlashFXP or after a file transfer error triggered by a socket error 1054 connection reset by peer.
- Fixed issue with the UI not being consistent with certain configurations after closing and restarting FlashFXP.
- Fixed issue with the transfer graph 'clear' feature not working correctly.
- Fixed issue with local bookmark synchronization feature not working correctly.
- Added work around to address an issue where the local file browser may not update correctly after a delete operation after deleting a file from a network share.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3891:

- Added support for curve25519-sha256@libssh.org (SFTP).
- Fixed a use-after-free issue when certain dialogs were closed in a non-standard way. such as; programs that add additional buttons to the windows titlebar, 3rd party programs, or interface addons.
- Minor changes to the way the local browser updates the file listing after an operation, specifically when the path is a networked drive/share.
- Minor changes to the remote browser cache system, A couple problems were reported and should now be resolved, as well as some improvements.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3890:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3883:

- Updated SecureBlackBox Library, this update addresses an issue that caused errors importing ECDSA keys and using them with public key authentication.
- Added support for chacha20-poly1305@openssh.com
- Added ctrl+F3 shortcut to find previous after using F3 to find next.
- Added advanced feature to display and delete ssh host keys using a raw command macro /dialog ssh_host_keys
- Fixed: In some cases FlashFXP incorrectly handled remote files and folders named "/" and the result was unexpected and unpredictable.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3878:

- Fixed minor issue where pressing Ctrl+V while renaming would trigger the view file feature.
- Updated language translations.

FlashFXP 5.2.0 Build 3867:

- Fixed Bugs.


- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3861:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3850:

- Fixed crash running scheduled tasks that perform site to site transfers, there was an error that referenced an object that didn't exist resulting in an access violation.
- When retrieving a directory listing over the SFTP protocol the bytes received is now shown in the status-bar panel.
- Added command tokens %n to reference the name part of a file without extension and %e to reference the extension (.ext).
- Added /set @var@ ("title","text") token modifier to allow the user to bring up the folder select dialog and store the result in @var@.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3848:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3847:

- Fixed: Issue with creating a new custom command if no custom commands exist.
- Fixed: Custom Command /deselect when using a modifier i.e. /deselect * :age+1d
- Fixed: QueueAs/TransferAs (previous build didn't resolve the problem).
- Fixed: Several issues with the queue item editor.
- Added new raw command; /edit "" to open the file for editing.
- Added new raw command; /view "" to open the file for viewing.
- Added new advanced setting via raw command; /set app.os.theme set to 0 to turn off theming on list-view and tree-views, 1 to re-enable it. If you're using a dark color scheme it may be more desirable to have themes turned off.
- Added new advanced setting via raw command; /set app.queue.parent typically the parent folder entry in the file list cannot be queued/transferred, this override re-enables this behavior allowing the parent directory entry to act as "all items in folder"
- Fixed issue editing UTF-8 files via the internal editor.
- Fixed issue with certain raw commands not executing correctly when run via the transfer queue.
- Changed the way the delete confirmation prompt is shown in the local browser when enabled, if the OS is configured to show a confirmation prompt then that prompt is shown otherwise we display our own confirmation prompt.
- Added new experimental raw command; /copyfile "" "" this command works both locally and remotely, if the server protocol doesn't support a direct copy then the file will be downloaded locally and then uploaded to create the copy.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3839:

- Changed: On the remote folder select dialog the path input control was changed from a edit to a drop-down box and is now populated with previously selected paths during the current site session.
- Changed: The remote folder select dialog now remembers its size/position.
- Changed: The site select/add site dialog now remembers its size/position.
- Fixed bugs.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3836:

- Changed: On the remote folder select dialog the path input control was changed from a edit to a drop-down box and is now populated with previously selected paths during the current site session.
- Changed: The remote folder select dialog now remembers its size/position.
- Changed: The site select/add site dialog now remembers its size/position.
- Fixed bugs.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3834:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3829:

- During the build process of the previous release something went wrong when linking the units and the wrong units were linked. The linked units had the wrong compiler flags and as a result some basic features malfunctioned.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3826:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3825:

- Changes made in our previous release have revealed an uninitialized buffer used to store error messages from OpenSSL. This can lead to unexpected errors within FlashFXP.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3824:

- This update implements several new integrity and validation security checks to protect our users from future threats.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3820:

- Updated: OpenSSL 1.0.2a.
- Added: new option in Preferences dialog under General > Options > Use single color application icon. When checked, the application icon will always be green, rather then changing colors based on the current program state. (red = offline, orange = connecting, blue = connected, transferring = green).
- Fixed: The session console window wasn't displaying lines with length of 1.
- Change: Improved file handling when downloading a single set of files using multiple parallel copies of FlashFXP.

FlashFXP 5.1.0 Build 3817:

- Updated SBB library (used for x.509 certificates, public/private keys, ssh, and sftp)
- New command script macro: /busybox Displays a busy dialog during script execution with a cancel button.
- Major change to the way FlashFXP handles remote directory listings.
- Changed: Many internal Unicode to UTF-8 conversions were changed from using CP 1252 to using the operating system locale CP.
- Changed: Timestamps in the session console window, if you turn timestamps on you will now see timestamps for pre-existing lines in the window.
- Cleaned up parts of the transfer queue routine and removed some flawed code that attempted to swap the direction of a queue item.
- Changed: When a delete operation is performed via the transfer queue FlashFXP makes sure that there are no failed transfers pending, if any are found then they are reset and retried, if the transfer fails again then the transfer queue is now aborted. In Previous builds the delete operation was marked as failed and skipped and the queue continued.
- Major speed improvement when downloading from a ProFTPD/mod_sftp Server.
- Major overhaul to the custom command script engine to resolve an issue where command blocks and script macro includes were sometimes executed in the wrong order.
- Improved the %c (clipboard text) token when the clipboard contains multiple lines of text and is used with the /shell command. i.e. "/shell %c"
- Added raw command "/set app.icon.static 1" to set the taskbar/window icon to a static icon, rather than change based on the current state.
- Added raw command "/set app.closetotray 1" to change the behavior of FlashFXP when clicking the close button to minimize to the tray rather than exit. To exit FlashFXP you need to either use Exit from under the Session menu or the tray right-click menu.
- Fixed bugs.

FlashFXP 5.0.0 Build 3805:

- Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2
- Added new CLI switches -overwrite -ask -resume which can be combined with -download -upload -fxp etc to override the global/per-site transfer rules.
- Updated the Custom command section of the help file and introduced a few new commands.
- The Character Encoding setting is now applied to MLSD directory listings.
- Fixed bugs.

FlashFXP 5.0.0 Build 3804:

- Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1l.
- Updated SFTP engine to the latest version.
- Fixed missing Unicode to UTF-8 conversion in the "Find dialog", as a result some Unicode text was not found when searching the file list.
- Added automatic end of line (LF to CR/LF) conversion when pasting text into the raw command prompt.
- The toolbar theme feature has been updated to support additional icon sizes.
- Minor tweaks to improve the user interface on high DPI monitors. (We`re working on a large version of the Tango toolbar theme).

FlashFXP 5.0.0 Build 3801:

- Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1k.

FlashFXP 5.0.0 Build 3800:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.0.0 Build 3799:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.0.0 Build 3791:

- Fixed Bugs.

FlashFXP 5.0.0 Build 3788:

- Fixed Bugs.