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Freda is a small program for reading e-books from the Windows desktop. It’s distributed for free and supports books download from various sources.

The program handles formats of so called e-books and is able to provide access to all possible preferences related to the document layout such as type, font size and color, line spacing, indentation, etc. Comfortable reading is also achieved with the help of the color scheme options. In this section user will find background color regulator based on the RGB scale. Backlit imitation, that is the same as the devices based on electronic inks, is presented in the form of a brightness slider.

Besides reading, Freda allows you to enrich your library from different sources like third party software, online marketplaces, cloud storage services or local storages. Adding “suppliers” to the general list is made by only several mouse clicks.

The device and the installed program are synchronized by the OneDrive service and the Microsoft account that allows you to store the latest information about read material both in your computer and mobile devices.

The interface is designed in the Windows 10 style. The welcome window is divided into three parts and shows the information about the last opened book, library and the list of literature sources. The lower part of the main window contains ads banners. The program’s control panel is user-friendly and has the quick access icons.

The view window offers several design themes that can be adjusted according to user’s preferences. Switching from page to page is implemented with the help of several animation effects like shifting, spinning, sliding and flick. Besides that, user can transform documents into journals or newspapers by splitting it into columns and using portrait and landscape orientation.

The program supports the main e-book formats like EPUB, FB2, HTML, MOBI, PDF and TXT.


  • Free of charge.
  • Synchronization.
  • Many available functions. You can change the font, color, theme, paging effects, etc.
  • Supports the main e-book formats.
  • Capability to create bookmarks.
  • Integration with online book catalogues.
  • User can add his own literature sources.


  • No portable version of the program.
  • Ads.
  • Too high integration level with the Windows OS. As a result, sync is possible only in case you have the Microsoft account (OneDrive and DropBox).
  • It is not possible to open two documents simultaneously (or one book on different pages).


Although reading books on monitors is far away from reading them on the devices with electronic inks in the terms of comfort, the developers of Freda made everything possible to level out the differences. The program lacks several useful options and high integration level with Windows 10 makes it less independent.

Changes in recent version

Author: Turnipsoft
Price: Free
Windows: 8, 10

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