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FreeSpacer is a professional utility that helps find and delete unneeded folders, files and other system trash. The algorithms are optimized for quicker scanning under any circumstances, it also supports cleaning trash from more than 30 well-known software.

FreeSpacer supports a vast variety of search masks and additional options for easy filtering and better search for unneeded files. The user can delete unneeded trash to the recycle bin or permanently. FreeSpacer also supports archived file backups for future restoring if needed. FreeSpacer can be run with default settings for quicker cleaning and the user can manually choose what trash files should be deleted.

FreeSpacer main features:

- Professional cleaning of system trash.
- High speed of file detection.
- Supports multiple options and masks for easier search configuration.
- Supports more than 30 popular and well-known software.
- Deletes Windows and Internet temporary files.
- Searches for broken shortcuts.
- Searches for Windows recovery points.
- Searches for empty folders and files.
- Ability to configure exceptions for files and folders.
- Supports multiple removal options.
- User-friendly interface.
- Small program size.


Russian language only.

Changes in recent version

Author: GRA Software
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7

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