FrostWire 6.8.1 Build 286


FrostWire is a freeware P2P client for the BitTorrent network allowing the exchange of files among this network's users.‭ ‬The main feature of this program is the chat function,‭ ‬which allows users to communicate with each other,‭ ‬as well as a built-in audio player that supports most file formats.

FrostWire can search torrents through various popular services‭ (‬including YouTube,‭ ‬SoundCloud and‭) ‬and display the results within the program's interface.‭ ‬You can use both file names and other parameters for searches.‭ ‬The application supports DHT and other Torrent protocol features.

Main features of FrostWire:

-‭ ‬Connection encryption using a TLS algorithm.
-‭ ‬Magnet link support.
-‭ ‬Tracker-free torrent support through DHT.
-‭ ‬Built-in torrent search.
-‭ ‬User Chat.
-‭ ‬File streaming from YouTube and SoundCloud.
-‭ ‬Playback of files in the process of being downloaded.
-‭ ‬Ability to download whole torrents or separate package files.
-‭ ‬Ability to download YouTube videos and audios.

Please note:

You must have the Java Runtime Environment to work.

Changes in recent version (change history)

Author: FrostWire
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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