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FurMark is a program for video cards testing. The program is distributed for free together with other useful software. FurMark is based on the so-called stress tests that allow to define capabilities and potential of video cards and their stability under continuous load. There is rendering with 4 difficulty levels for this purpose such as displaying HD video, Full HD, QHD and 4K.

The tests can be performed in window mode as well as in full screen mode using multiple access antialiasing with resolution increasing up to 8x.

But still, publishing the test results in the internet is the main feature of the program. This allows users to compare the performance characteristics of different graphic cards before they buy them.

The FurMark’s interface consists of a few buttons, links, checkboxes and drop down menus that are grouped depending on their functions and are placed in the compact main window. There is no access to some global options of the program and that shows narrow area of expertise of the software. Finding connected video cards is done automatically. The tests can be started very quickly with the help of only one button of several available.


  • Free of charge.
  • Quick tests launch without prior configuration.
  • Automatic search for all available video cards.
  • Publication of tests results.
  • Additional built-in program components.
  • Capability to measure the graphics processor temperature.
  • Tests with different difficulty levels.


  • The interface design is outdated.
  • Installation is required. In other words, there is no portable version of the program.


The program doesn’t glitch and works correctly. But users should take to attention that extra load on a graphics processor like in the case of the mentioned stress tests can lead to failures of separate hardware components, pricey video card in particular. At the same time, the developers are not responsible for user’s actions.

Changes in recent version

Author: Jerome Guinot
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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