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Game Editor is a free interactive multimedia tool for game development, with a simple and intuitive interface and a rich set of features. The software allows anyone to develop 2D games for personal computers and mobile devices. The tool is designed to be portable across many different platforms, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Pocket PC, Handheld PC, GP2X, Windows Mobile-based Smartphones and Linux.

This engine is created on the bases of C++ open program code. The developers of this program assure users in the possibility to create not only their own unique game products but to change already available ones to their tastes. Simply download the game code in the program and start changing. Such games as PackMan, BomberMan, Mario clearly demonstrate the capabilities of this engine.

The main features of Game Editor:

- A nice  for perception and easy to cope with  program interface.
- The program multiplatform has its benefits - a ready to use application can be exported to Windows, Mac, Linux, Android,  IOS.
- The program window consists only of the main elements taking part in the creation of an application. There’s nothing superfluous.
- A created game can be tested at once in a separate window of the program, to stop it at any moment and start editing once again.
- Main characters and actors of a game can be placed in the form of separate jpeg, gif, png, bmp, pcx, tga, xpm, xcf, lbm, tif files.

Changes in recent version

Author: Makslane Rodrigues
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7

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