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GameMaker: Studio is a professional toolset for creation multiplatform games from YoYo Games. It’s deservedly considered to be the most popular and highly efficient instrument for creation small mobile apps. As the program developers say it may facilitate the process of quick and effective work in the creation of a new game. Designers of new games won’t have to develop code manually any more wasting for that process their precious time. Now you only need to install GameMaker Studio and the bulk of the work can be shifted on to this program.

GameMaker: Studio contains ready to use templates of sprites, rooms and separate objects. One can easily use drag-n-drop — by some simple movements all the objects needed can be dragged into the future battle field and the last thing to do is to specify their conditions of interaction.

Features of GameMaker: Studio:

— Due to its cross platform one can create games without any difficulties on Windows, Android, Linux, Mac.
— A convenient working window of the program where there’s nothing superfluous.
— A possibility to create small 2D games within few hours.
— Ready apps can be intergrated in Steam.
— The ability to plug ready templates, to change ways, objects, sounds, backgrounds, scripts and make of that all interesting and unusual games.
— GameMaker is ideal for games and apps creation on mobile platforms.

Changes in recent version

Author: YoYo Games Ltd.
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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