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The GIMP is a raster graphics editor used to process digital graphics and photographs. Typical uses include creating graphics and logos, resizing and cropping photos, altering colours, combining multiple images, removing unwanted image features, and converting between different image formats.

GIMP can also be used to create basic animated images in GIF format. It is often used as a free software replacement for Adobe Photoshop, the most widely used bitmap editor in the printing and graphics industries; however, it is not designed to be a Photoshop clone.

Features of GIMP:

- Color support. GIMP also has a palette with RGB, HSV, color wheel, CMYK, and mixing modes, plus tools to pick colors from the image with various averaging options.
- Full suite of painting tools including brushes, a pencil, an airbrush, cloning, etc.
- Tile-based memory management so image size is limited only by available disk space.
- Sub-pixel sampling for all paint tools for high-quality anti-aliasing.
- Full Alpha channel support.
- Layers and channels.
- GIMP has approximately 150 standard effects and filters, including Drop Shadow, Blur, Motion blur and Noise.
- Multiple undo/redo (limited only by disk space).
- Transformation tools including rotate, scale, shear and flip.
- File formats supported include bmp, gif, jpeg, mng, pcx, pdf, png, ps, psd, svg, tiff, tga, xpm and many others.
- Selection tools including rectangle, ellipse, free, fuzzy, bezier and intelligent.
- Plug-ins that allow for the easy addition of new file formats and new effect filters.

Changes in recent version

Author: The GIMP Team
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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