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Google Drive is a program for interaction with the cloud storage having the same name. It differs from most other similar services in connection with a user's Google account and the availability of power office tools which allow you to work with text documents, presentations, and other materials.

Google Drive allows storage of files on the network, allows open access to them and group editing, if necessary. In addition, the documents in an open access storage are indexed by search engines.

Key features of Google Drive:

- 15 GB free disk space.
- Downloading files by their drag & drop.
- Storing pictures and videos from Google Photos, and files from your Gmail and other documents.
- Working with images, videos and other large files.
- Supporting almost all formats.
- Quick content preview.
- Opening files on any device.
- Sharing files and working with them by invitation.
- Security protection with the use of SS protocol.
- Recognition of text and images in scanned documents for quick retrieval.
- Automatic processing of the photos.
- Creation of animated images and video clips.
- Working with documents, editing datasheets, creation of presentations.
- Using special Google Forms, saving results in tabular form.
- Creation of graphs and charts.
- Availability of other add-ons which provide sending faxes, signing documents, and so forth.
- Offline access to documents, and working with them without a network connection.
- Document editing history.
- Quick search for files that have been recently opened.
- Ability to return to earlier versions of documents.

Changes in recent version

Author: Google Inc.
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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